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Meet My Girlies

Hey everyone. Since I haven't posted that much on here I thought I should at least introduce my bettas and show some pics. So I've got two female bettas, the new addition is Josephine and the red one is Ophelia.

When I fist bought Ophelia she was very lackadaisical, unhappy fish, fins diseased with fin rot. I put her in a one gallon tank and treated her until her fin rot was mostly over then transferred her to my three gallon tank. I added some live plants and some frog tank mates. She's been doing great. Fiesty, food driven, territorial, active swimmer, curious, female betta. :D

I was in petsmart the other day and they had a betta sale, females for 1 dollar. I saw a betta with little freckles on her dorsal fin and I couldn't resist and got a beautiful dull blue betta now named Josephine. She was extremely stressed out with her stripes and pale skin. So I brought her home.

I tried to add Josephine in the three gallon, but as expected Ophelia was too territorial, so after a few minutes I took Josephine out and stuck her in a semi-planted one gallon tank some live plants and some fake. Her stripes have faded and she's doing okay. I am getting a 10 gallon soon, all thanks to craigslist and going to put Josephine in there with some schooling fish or a female betta sorority. It will be my fist fully planted tank so it should be interesting.

I've been a betta owner for a really long time, but took a break for a few years and just recently bought them for my dorm. Enough talking and here are some pictures!

Oh and Josephine has two red stripes on her face both sides identical I was wondering if anyone knows what that is? I noticed it after I moved her from the three gallon to the one gallon. Ophelia didn't injure her so it couldn't be that. I was thinking maybe stress, but I don't know...? I've never seen it before...

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My bettas get vertical stripes of color on their gill covers after being shown a mirror or seeing another betta. I think it's probably a color change associated with aggression but I don't know for sure. Pretty girls! Did you read this thread?

They recommend at least 4-5 females otherwise aggression is too focused. Good luck!
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Beautiful girls! I love both of their colors.
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