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Red spots on tail fin?

Recently, I've noticed that Zephyr has started changing back from blue to white, and has strange red spots on the end of his tail. He lives in a 10 gallon aquarium with three purple mystery snails and several jade MTS. His water is always at a constant 82 degrees Fahrenheit. He has a filter as well which is, I believe, a Tetra Whisper in tank filter for 10 gallon tanks (10i).

I took the liberty of testing his water and it came back as:

Nitrites: 0ppm
Nitrates: 0ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm
pH 7.6

I did a 1/3 water change a bit before testing the water. I change it about once a month as its planted and top it off weekly to bi-weekly. Also, I have a picture if that will clarify things a little. Also, I feed him Hikari Bio Gold Betta pellets. Going to get New Spectrum when its all gone.

Could it possibly be hemorrhagic septicemia? I've read about that but never experienced it myself. What should I do?

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I think it's tailbiting. One of my Bettas did this for about a month. I noticed red spots at the end of his tail and then one night witnessed him nipping his fins. He finally stopped about a week ago and his fins are growing back nicely. I added a hammock just make sure to keep their water clean and warm. I also made sure to keep a lot of stress coat in there which helps to regrow fins and keep their slime coat healthy.
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I found another way to get my Betta to stop biting was I paid more attention to him. Granted I have six males and I have to pay each one some attention. But I made sure to sit and let him know I was there. I also fed him a little more protein in his diet. I fed him bloodworms every other day and pellets on the day I didn't feed him bloodworms. I swear the protein has really helped. Then about a week ago I noticed the red spots were gone and he has new growth on his fins! I was so happy. He hasn't bitten since and I make sure to keep the water really clean.
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It does look like the results of tailbiting. I've seen spots like that on several of my chronic biters.

However, because he's also changing color there's a possibility he is developing an infection. I would recommend a hospital tank and 1 tsp of epsom salts for at least a week and Indian Almond leaf or another source of tannins. If he gets worse or doesn't improve and the red streaks worsen, we might consider upping the epsom dosage or possibly trying a medication.
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