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Unhappy Betta Poo

Hey. Sometimes, Sunshine has this issue with pooping. It used to be she never pooped and would get bloated, and I would give her a pea and she would be good. However, now that she is in a heated tank, she poops... It just comes out squiggly and hardly comes out. I am thinking that she just naturally has a bad digestion. I don't think anything is wrong, since she isn't bloated anymore.

Do you guys have this issue? I gave her a quarter of a pea today, to help her pass it more easily. For an hour, she just had a squiggly piece hanging out of her... Looked uncomfortable. It is slowly but surely moving now that I gave her the pea, but she still seems upset (obviously...).

Just wondering, again, if anyone ever had this issue.
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Umm, sometimes the poo hangs there for a while but I've never noticed any of my Betta distressed by it. I've never fed peas, I've heard really mixed opinions on using them for Bettas.
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Peas are pretty bad IMO. The digestion tract of bettas were made for protein, and can't handle the roughness of veggies. That will mess it up.. Also, it's supposed to "push the food out". Most of the time, it pushes the food out and stays in the system.. Frozen daphnia is a better, natural laxative that the betta will love.
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What are you feeding her?

Foods that contain a lot of grains (wheat, gluten, etc) can cause problems with constipation.

If you aren't already doing so, you could try changing her food to pellets that hava quality protein as the main ingredients. Look for ingredients like "whole fish" etc, on the label.

The two most recommended foods on this forum as New Life Spectrum (NLS) pellets, and Omega One Betta Buffet pellets.
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