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Old 04-08-2008, 08:07 PM   #11 
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So... I moved Blubbers and gave him a couple days, and finally put some friends in with him. I forget the name of the fish I got.. But they're supposed to help regular the tank. Ever since I put the new fish in, I noticed Blubbers face will randomly flare out. He won't be looking at the other fish, he's just looking straight out of the tank. Should I give it a couple days before I pull him into his own little tank (I'd upgrade him to a slightly bigger tank than what he was at.. but for right now I can't afford to upgrade him to his own 10 gallon). These fish are really small and rather hyper (bumpy car ride and new habitat would factor maybe?), so I'm hoping Blubbers is just getting used to them... Any advice would help!!
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I hope you didn't get danios...they're not really suited for a 10 gallon given how they are so hyper...see if you can return em, you're better off leaving Blubber alone in that tank.
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JenG, I am stepping in here to give you some quick advice. I really don't want to be too critical and hope you won't take this wrong.
Please do not get any more fish until you are done cycling the tank. The betta and whatever you just added are more than enough to get it cycling. The more fish you put in there the more often you will need to do water changes just to keep your fish alive. If you go too far with stocking, you will be doing 50% changes twice a day or more to keep up with the ammonia build up. Right now you may have a light enough loading to only need a smaller once a day water change but unless you are testing you won't know. Once you get your ammonia and nitrite eating bacteria built up, you can start worrying about what fish can go with a betta but for now please no more.
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Oh no no, I'm not getting anymore fish until I am cycled, and have been doing everything needed to get it there. The fish I bought are to help the tank get cycled. Blubbers seems more entertained by the filter lately and not stressed at all, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione just swim around in circles staying away from Blubbers.
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