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tank mates

Hi Everyone,
So wondering if i can add a Male Betta to a 55 gallon community tank, here is what is currently in the tank.
8 Zebra Danios, some of them long fin
7 Cory Kats
3 Banded Rainbow Fish
4 Boeseman Rainbow Fish
1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco
8 Ghost shrimp,
and 2 apple snails
any thought would be great thank you in adavanced
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I am no expert on any of these fish, but I would watch out with the danios for nipping and the shrimp for getting eaten. Just my opinion, which is a bad one, as there is no further explanation, but hopefully someone else has more input!
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I'd be way of bettas with the Bosemani Rainbows...zebra danios have also been known to nip, so a long-fin male might not be ideal. A female or plakat male might work, but again, I'm not sure how they'd get on with the rainbows.

I think you're pretty close to fully stocked anyway. :)
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I would put maybe a king/giant in that tank but not a regular sized betta, I have a 46 gal bowfront with rainbows and when I had my king in there he did just fine, the only rainbows I know that tend to be a bit aggressive are the austriallian and by austriallian I mean the specific ones named that not ones from aus...

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