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Location: Tennessee, USA
quick question about color

Hi, relatively new betta mommy here.
I was just curious about something. I turn off my fish's light at night, of course, and when I turn it on in the morning, his body is really pale. But it only takes a few minutes for him to be blue and red again.
Is this a common thing?
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yes it is...betta colors can change ( paler or brighter ) depends on some condition. What you told above probably just because he was "resting" and just "woke up" ( some bettas even make "funny movements" like wiggling his body like a snake when they just "woke up" ). Do pay attention if he stay paler for a long period of time though, since this may means problem.
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My female betta is like chameleon she changes color and gets either brighter or darker especially if she flares.
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Mine is always changing, some of it seems to have to do with mood too.
My bettas dorsal and anal fins are clear/white vs transparent aqua. It has a bit to do with how happy he is, and a bit to do with water temperature.
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Blue Fish
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HUH! I had no idea they changed color like this (I always thought if they were lighter or had stripes they were stressed), I had no idea it was normal. :) Your fish is really lovely, I am a big fan of the reds with the pinkier bodies and the darker tails. :)

You may also find that as your boy gets bigger and his fins grow out, he may add in additional colors. I bought a small CT a year ago and by the time he was full grown he'd added an extra row of red and white to his rays.
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