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I don't even...

So...a friend of mine just arrived "home" with family for a holiday visit. He wasn't there long when I got some frustrated messages from him concerning his sister's new pet betta.

Some of what he said is appalling. For starters, she apparently started off with two fish. Apparently the pet store said that it was "fine to keep two female betta in a bowl together." Aside from the fact that *two* female betta is not exactly a betta sorority, after looking at the picture I'm pretty sure this is a male veiltail anyway?! Apparently the two fish got extremely agressive to each other immediately, and the sister had to separate them (one of them going back into the pet store cup). The other fish later died. Also, nevermind that the "bowl" they were being kept in is ridiculously small, and his sister is struggling to keep the water clean. The picture I was sent was taken one day after it's last water change.

What's even worse is the sister knows this isn't right for her fish. She even went so far as to ask for a proper tank and setup for Christmas. She was told no - because the "people in the pet store know what's OK for the fish".

I've put together a "care package" for this guy including my old 1.5 gal tank (was saving as a hospital tank), my old 7.5w heater (non-adjustable, so I probably will never use it again), a net (she was apparently catching her fish with a SPOON for water changes), some plants and a floating mesh betta tube. I'm also giving a small bottle full of Prime. I'll probably also go the the dollar store and pick up a turkey baster to make water changes easier on both of them - its a minimal expense and will hopefully help keep her guy in a more stable environment. It's not much, but it's hopefully a huge leg up that otherwise just wouldn't be had.

I just don't even know how to process how this even *happened* though...
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Speaking as a parent, the parents are either stupid or don't care. Any pet that comes in to my house gets fully researched. And good for you for making Christmas better for that betta, who definitely looks like a young male vt to me anyway.
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