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Old 11-09-2014, 03:25 PM   #1 
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Location: Dallas, TX
Excessive aggression in royal blue and red females

Does anyone know why the royal blues and red females are sooooo much more aggressive than any other color female? The ones I've had have been big and mean. My current blue has killed two of my females :( Not sure what to do with her. Had her in a time out cup until I could rearrange the tank to break up territories.
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Any female that has already killed two females (if you actually saw her killing the other females) has no place in a sorority. I wouldn't bother with temporary measures like time-outs, but would either put her into her own tank or find her a new home.

I think it was reds I have heard that can be aggressive. I'm not sure why that is, or how much truth it holds.

What is your sorority set-up like? How many females do you have at present?
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Old 11-09-2014, 04:00 PM   #3 
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Dallas, TX
At present... 3 :( I haven't seen her actually kill them but there was excessive damage to fins/body and she is the only one I ever see being aggressive. The other female is very small and the third is just chill most times.

I really don't like my sorority and haven't since I had a sudden die off of about half my girls. I have been trying to keep 5 minimum but things keep happening and I have all but given up. If I had someone to take my 3 girls I'd give them away in a heartbeat for solo tanks.

For now, I'm monitoring the two girls. They seem fairly chill but I don't expect it to last forever. I'll recup the suspected murderer. I have a tank I can use but the heater isn't reliable and it hit 37 degrees last night.

My sorority is a 20g long with neons, platys and an adf. I'm planning to add more neons, guppies and albino cories though, once I get about $30.
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could you just divide a small portion of the tank for the females (put two in there own divided section, and one with the other fish)? if you just gave them enough room to have their own little space like a few gllons of space, i think it could work.
idk i just figured id throw that idea out there, so you dont need to buy more tanks, or rehome them.
thats a bummer things arent working out!:(
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Old 11-09-2014, 07:04 PM   #5 
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Location: Dallas, TX
I'm thinking of calling some of the LFS in the area and see if they will take the blue at the very least. If I can't rehome them I guess they'll have to take turns being in cups to keep everyone safe. I wish things were going better >.< I got all these fish when we were more financially secure but well, things happen and choices have to be made. Keeping them as healthy as I can for now.
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Old 11-10-2014, 01:04 PM   #6 
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Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Cupped and isolated bettas taken from sororities will become aggressive and often vicious. Even the once docile females will become aggressive. So in terms of reducing aggression, you are doing more harm than good.

It would be more affective if you cupped but float the said female. If she is constantly surrounded by other females without any aggression (she should calm down after a while) she should feel "safe" and wouldn't be so vicious. But once she is released, there will still be aggression but hopefully not too vicious.

Aggression to a point of killing in a 20g . . . might be caused by a number of reasons; the individual murderer is by nature vicious, not enough food (females can eat much more than males), not enough hiding places for others to run off to.

Since they are with live bearers, I wouldn't quickly assume a betta initiated the attack. Live bearers (specially platties) are known to nibble on their neighbors. Bettas "attacked" in this way (hit and run) will easily stress which is then sensed by others (all fish in the tank) and will cause more attacks. Try removing the platies and see if you still have deaths.

It's been quite a while and lots have changed since the mid 70's. Back then or IME blue and red may be aggressive but have lower mentality compared to traditional black or green/turquoise mix (wild or traditional colors) - meaning they wont fight for too long. Most bettas that are over aggressive will stress faster and once stressed will take longer time to regain "self esteem". But these bettas can also be very vicious and will readily kill others that are less aggressive. Perhaps their instincts tells them to eliminate possible threats before they are challenged. . . . IDK
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Old 11-10-2014, 07:03 PM   #7 
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Dallas, TX
She's floating in the tank though she keeps escaping the cup and ends up back free swimming. I've watched her bully other fish but usually they just escape to one of the two "cave" areas, each of which have multiple exits. I have been reducing how much I feed though. I had a lot of planaria which I thought was flourishing because I usually drop a lot of food in for everyone to eat. When I cut back on feeding I did notice the first girl get bullied a lot more.

Tomorrow I will release her back into the tank and monitor it frequently to see if I notice any excess aggression that can't be contained. The newest girl I added in is quite small, maybe 2/3 the blue's size but so far she has zero spots nipped out of her fins.

I'm hesitant to add more girls to be at a "safe" number of 5 or 6. I did have 12 at one point and it worked beautifully, but my filter malfunctioned and ate most of the girls. I'd much rather keep the three bettas I have until they've lived their lives and move onto a community of fairly peaceful fish but I don't want the end of their lives to be at the mouth of another fish. I've noticed the platies generally seem to be wary of the bettas though I can't say that's all the time or anything. They chase among themselves a lot though. The neons do, too. But I suspect it's because so many of them died off when I purchased them, they're feeling the stress of being so few.

The other two females have been swimming around the cup to investigate. The blue gets excited and tries to swim out? I guess, the way they do at the pet store when they're in cups, swimming against the side. Again, she has escaped every time I have her cupped.
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