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blu the betta
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Yakima,Washington
i want a bird but my parents dont like cleaning the bird cage. so far ive had turkeys,chickens,ducks,pigeons, and sparrows. i am a BIRD WATCHER. I LOVE HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT. i was planning on releasing the turkeys but had to sell them because i ran out of time. we are still building/have a pond that attracts much wildlife. we have been planting fruiting trees, nut bearing trees, and flowering nectar plants.
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Indigo Betta
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Lincolnshire UK
I've always thought there's something very special about birds (: I had two canaries when I was younger and they were so close, I think they must have been in love. They were always together, and if they ever became separated they would call for each other.
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: knoxville tn
My husband has 2 parakeets, a blue named Pretty Bird and a yellow one named Sunny. Not much imagination in names, but that is what they are. They live in cages next to each other. He wants to put them together in one big cage but I don't know enough about birds to know if that is a good idea. The two are not tame, we both work and never really took the time to train them. They have him trained to change their water, turn off the light, turn down the tv and cover them for the night by the way they sound. He says he understands anyway and they do shut up when he has done what he thinks they want. My mom has a sun conure that you can hear all the way out the street and driveway. Mom calls her Pretty Girl, I call her Doorbell and KFP-Kentucky Fried Parrot.
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