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Overfed bettas - what to do?

I got 2 male CT bettas a couple of weeks ago. One is in a 2.5g tank and the other is in a 3g tank (with heaters, but without filters). They are both doing really well and seem to be happy and thriving (it was touch and go for Optimus who was in bad shape at first, but he's completely turned around and is doing great now). However, I noticed today that they both have slightly swollen tummies - I'm pretty sure that they have been overfed by my kids. I think they've been getting 2 to 3 Aqueon brand pellets each in the morning and 1 to 2 pellets each in the evening. We have NOT been doing a fasting day. They love to eat and gobble down the food as soon as it hits the water.

What do I do at this point about correcting the overfeeding? Should I just not feed them for a day or two? And how much should we be feeding them each day? We're still new at this and have alot to learn...

Thanks for your help!
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just don't feed them for a few days. :B they should slim back down soon.
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Fasting is one of the best ways to over come overfeeding.

To avoid it in the future, you could try a better brand of fish food (Omega one or new life spectrum are considered best by many) and a pretty good rule of thumb is 'no more than the size of the fish's eye' as they're tummies are literally about the size of one of their eyes. :3
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CTs have a more streamlined body and will appear as if they are "fat". Fish don't get "fat", their bellies expand to hold the food, then go back down once digested. If you are worried you can withhold feeding for a day, or cut back down for a day.. but otherwise your feeding schedule normally is in no way over feeding these fish.

The way to prevent this is not to get better food, but to watch your kids feed the fish to make sure they are doing it appropriately.

As for the amount.. you are feeding a good amount. It all depends upon the size of the fish.. but for the average betta, that is a good amount.
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IMO it's a combination of both. I would get a better food as suggested by Kuronue and watch the kids, as in maybe hide the food, as suggested by Myates
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Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. Both fish looked a little slimmer today (after fasting since yesterday morning), so I think they'll be okay. I'll have to keep the food out of reach of the kids so that the fish aren't getting unsupervised feedings between their regular feedings. I might buy them a better quality food as well - just haven't been able to find it in the pet store and haven't had a chance to order it online yet.
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