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Old 03-27-2013, 08:14 PM   #21 
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You should tell your mother that a tiny tank is not the equivalent to an ocean. Also, point out that bettas do not live in the ocean, they live in shallow, slow-moving ponds, which keep heat really well.

Tell your mom that if she values life, she will value this fish. If she doesn't, let her know that it will be unhappy and possibly die. Just push the facts. Maybe she'll listen.
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I think if you really want to keep your fish, there are some ways you can get by for a while until you can afford everything. Don't feel bad because someone gave you a pet and you were unaware of its needs, the fact you came here for proper care information says a lot! There are a lot of heaters you can get cheap for now (heaters are one item you don't want to skimp on, but you can't help that) from any pet store. My mini bowl heater was only about 10 dollars, and then the 25 watt heater I later upgraded to was about 10. As far as food goes, he/she should be okay for a while until you can get him some better quality food. If you are worried about it, you can get frozen bloodworms from the pet store for 3 to 5 dollars. Just make sure and watch his/her tummy to make sure it does not look bloated or constipated. As for tank size, this can be easily remedied :) I picked up a used 5 gal at a thrift store, but before I found that, I put mine in a huge glass container that I bought from the same thrift store for 2 or 3 dollars. You can also create more functional and attractive tank coverings by finding plastic container covers or cutting food container lids down to the right size. You can alter plastic plants from the dollar store to create makeshift "tank" decor, and add containers like flower pots for your fish to hide in. Plenty of people do not keep betta fish properly and they live years. I am definitely not condoning improper fish keeping, but want to assure you that your fish will probably be fine for a little while until you can get everything together. Check the dollar store for sure, you'll be surprise at what you can find there :)
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Bettas are a freshwater fish which means they don't come from the ocean. Secondly Bettas are native to Thailand and other TROPICAL regions in which your HEATER would be simulating.
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Utter craziness that fish come from the Ocean and dont need heaters ! So whats next , fish that need heat would produce their own though their
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AnimalLover, you might invite Mom to consult this forum (when tempers die down) for good information about how to care for a betta, something along the lines that bniebetta has sketched. Your betta will probably be fine in her small bowl for a couple of days until you get all the facts--though you will want to give her a water change then.
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AnimalLover, tell your mum that I can totally sympathise - I am an animal lover and vegetarian too and pet food is a problem. However, there is no other way for bettas to survive - they are obligate carnivores and their systems simply cannot digest vegetable matter. As a result, a meaty pellet such as New Life Spectrum or Omega One is very important for this fish's health.

As an animal lover, I'm sure your mum will agree that it is important to keep a pet in the best circumstances possible, or it isn't fair to keep them at all. Bettas don't come from the ocean - they come from slow-moving bodies of water in Asia. Sure, they don't need heaters there, but that's because the water is consistently warm. In the US, it isn't, so a heater is very important.

Bottled water is also not ideal (if your bottled water is like ours) as it is stripped of minerals that the fish need. Tap water with a water conditioner will keep your fish healthy.

Please explain to her that if she won't let you provide your fish with what it needs, it will actually *be* animal cruelty, and that will be against what she believes in.

A general note: guys, AnimalLover's mum may be causing problems for his/her fish, but let's keep it polite, hey? :)
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