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Exclamation Friends Fish PLEASE HELP

Hey, guys. You all know that I have a female betta named Sunshine. So, this is not about her or me. Just FYI.

My friend is housing her male betta in a 1/2 gallon un-heated fish bowl. She changes the water once a month (cringe) and feeds him frozen blood worms and a mix of food in a plastic baggy about 3 times a day.

He is currently at the top of the tank on his side. He occasionally tries to right himself, but right after he is rightsideup, he slowly floats onto his side. He has what kinda looks like finrot, too. :/

I told her to put a little extra of the aquarium salt in there and to stop feeding him so often. I also told her to do complete water changes and 50% ones once a week.

I am assuming he has fin rot and a swim-bladder issue... Ideas? Thoughts? Help?

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Seriously, people. Help?
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Considering the amount she's feeding him, sounds like he's bloated. I would ask her to switch to epsom salt since it has the same antibacterial properties as AQ salt and will not hurt him after prolonged use and helps with SBD.
Not so sure about the fin rot since there aren't any pics, but with the amount of water changes she's doing that's a possibility.
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Thanks so much. Yeah, I thought it was odd to constantly put in Aquarium Salt, but she has a friend who has had fish, not bettas, and swears by it, so she is doing it... :/ I'll let her know. Thanks again.
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constant AQ salt will hurt him. :I a lot. she should stop that.

the mix of food is bloating him. she needs to get him pellets. and into a heated tank of at least a gallon. and fast him for a day every week.
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I hope he gets better. If he does Petsmart sells 2.5 gallon aquariums for $13 this includes a glass cover. If she cannot find that I use this for temporary housing for my fish:

You have to prop the lid up slightly to let air in but a heater cord would do that.
So long as she does water changes it would be fine for long term housing considering the alternative. This is Zeus in one of those tanks it's even filtered.
The whole set up was very inexpensive. The filter was $3.99.

Show it to your friend. Even you have limited space you can still provide your fish with very nice conditions. This tank take is less than 12 inches across but still isn't too high.
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