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Location: Indiana. :)
Tell me your stories!

I just like seeing stories of bettas and such. :) Here is one of mine.

Sunshine is my little Betta girl. She is super beautiful. :)

For about 3 days I was gone, doing labs and such for Biology. I am a science major at a pretty small campus, so our labs are pretty intense and outdoorsy.

Anyway. I leave my dorm at about 7:15 a.m. every morning, and I am gone until about 7 p.m. So, I have been gone for a long while this week, long story short.

ANYWAY. I come home yesterday and she is FRANTICALLY swimming around the front of the tank, looking very upset. I was worried she wasn't healthy, and so I cleaned her tank and gave her a 75% water change. It did not help! I was running round and freaking out.

Finally, I sat to do some homework on my laptop. She cam over and started swimming and dancing about. She would not stop! I finally put my finger around the tank and she started to calm down... She wouldn't eat unless I started putting my fingers in the water with her. Like she had separation anxiety or something!

She is happy now, sitting besides me and picking at her plants. :)

Share your stories! :)
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Location: Bristol, England
Well, once I had my Betta jump out of the water in eager anticipation of his food. I later trained him to jump up and grab the pellet from in between my fingers, and eventually whenever I came near the tank he would start jumping out of the water! It's lucky I had a hood! Sadly the fish in question is now dead but he was so endearing.
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Aww Sunshine sounds so cute.

When I first bought Peanut home he was a little quiet for the first 2 days,sitting in the corner or in his log,I think going into a big tank was overwhelming for the little boy (he is brilliant now though),one evening I walked in to say hello & I couldn't find him anywhere.I looked all over the tank,then I was worried that he had somehow jumped out & I looked all around the tank and under everything but still couldn't find him.I just couldn't understand where he could be,I started crying & called my Mum to come and help me look for him.Then we got a torch and looked inside his log (where I had checked over & over first up) and there he was pushed right up against the wall inside asleep.LOL! I felt so stupid but was so happy that he was ok.I could just imagine him thinking 'Geez here I am,what's your problem?' I'm a bit over protective.
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