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Ghost shrimp and Betta

I recently put two ghost shrimp in with my betta, one a smaller shrimp and another a female shrimp with babies, hoping to see little fry. My betta is some what aggressive and would chase the shrimp around when they got in the way, but never really attack them per-say. I left my house today and when I came back, the female shrimp was dead and her eggs were gone, is it possible that my betta killed her for her eggs or just being in the way.

I am assuming that my 1.5 gallon tank may be too small for my betta and shrimp, but I do not know if the water is too warm or my betta was just hungry. Any advice or incite with this?
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From what I know, bettas do eat shrimp, and it might be possible its too small, but as a non shrimp owner, I'm not sure.
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I'm no expert, but going by what I've seen in my own tanks, I'd say your tank is too small for the shrimp to effectively outrun the betta. Shrimp can move super fast when they need to, but if they have nowhere to run to, and nowhere to hide, I wouldn't like the chances of survival. This is speaking in terms of space alone, and not taking into account the issues presented by having tankmates in a space that small.

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will reply, or perhaps has already by the time I've finished typing, heh.
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He completely tore the head off of the other shrimp, I am taking this as a no future tank mate sign, he must have just been sick of sharing the space. Thank you for the suggestions and comments.
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1.5g is way too small even for only 1 betta.
they like to poke the shrimps and eat them. sometimes the shrimps will be too stressed out that they die on their own, kind of like a heart attack, from being chased by the betta, making them easy meals for the betta.

people say shrimps are more delicate than betta, it is true in this case. but if you leave them alone in a tank, my 4 amanos and 18 RCS outlasted my Fred the red VT in a 5g tank.

one more thing, ghost shrimps do not have a long life expectancy and i do not believe they can hatch in freshwater even though they are pregnant.
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