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Old 04-20-2013, 08:46 PM   #31 
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: New Jersey
I'm very sorry to hear about all your troubles and I hope you don't give up on keeping fish. You obviously care a lot about them and deserve them and fish deserve you:)
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Location: Massachusetts
Thanks isochronism....
Right now I just wanna cry...because I do care....I have put a lot of effort into this...
If I do keep on with fish keeping...I wouldn't do so utilizing any of my current tanks and tools...I would have to replace every single thing right down to my water conditioner....I'm afraid to chance it and though I can afford it, it's still expensive...and I also would NOT EVER purchase any more fish from Petco...or Petsmart for that matter...

I ran across Basement Betta's thread on Mycobacterium...I read all 20+ pages of it. I'm not one to panick, but under the is looking like I just 'might' have a case of Myco on my hands...and what I initially thought was Inuyasha's case of HITH..might not have been...

All I know is my fish are dying and it most definitely is not due to bad husbandry...on the other hand these fish COULD simply have fallen ill in the poor conditions they were kept prior, which is very common, and I have simply been unlucky diagnosing and treating them because I'm very new to this....Merlin came home with external parasites on his gills....Inuyasha with fin rot, and Morgana with SBD...I just don't know....the way to be 100% sure is to have it tested...and that's something I'll do on myself...if and when I'll need to because OF COURSE I HAVE A CUT ON MY FINGER....oy......but again, I'm not panicking...just really, really, REALLY sad and disappointed....

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Old 04-21-2013, 04:41 PM   #33 
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Massachusetts didn't take long....Morgana is starting to go downhill...she's clamped....

I'm really at a loss....

The tank was disinfected with Bleach...thoroughly rinsed with hot water and then refilled with 5x the normal dechlorinator....emptied again....
Like I previously mentioned, I put in all new gravel, plants (silk ones this time as not to have to go through the pain of dealing with live ones again ), decor AND filter and I let it run more than 24 hours after I refilled it again....All this before I put in Merlin...

When Morgana moved in I had done yet another water change....WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

And no, it's not an acclimation issue...if nothing else, since Feb, I have learned to at least do that very well...
The water parameters are the tap's pH is high...8.4, it has a reading of .25ppm ammonia, but I use Prime...and there hasn't been a chance for build up with all the water changes I've been doing...
Nitrites and Nitrates always at 0...never had a chance to run the tank long enough to even attempt cycling it....
I'm exasperated by this whole experience...I fail to see where fish keeping is a fun, relaxing hobby....Sorry to sound like such a pessimistic downer...but really, can ya blame me?!
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Old 04-22-2013, 02:15 AM   #34 
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Massachusetts
She's hanging on, still a little clamped...Out of my three, she's definitely been the most resilient...
I find myself cheering this little girl on non-stop...she's had so many ups and downs tho, that every time I see her get worse, I fear the end....
She ate her two meals for the day, she spends a lot of time resting between two plant leaves but, God love her, when she sees me approach the tank...she wiggles her way over using all the strength she can muster... I never thought a fish could bring a grown woman to tears....yet another reason why I don't know if I can go through this again...I put my heart and soul into caring for my animals...and it breaks my heart to see them die off like this...
Through all this turmoil, it has dawned on me that I haven't updated with any new pics of her...I'll see about doing that...
When I brought her home she was a tiny 3/4" long...4 weeks later she's about 1-1/2" tail included. Still small I guess...but then again I don't know exactly how old she was when I got her...or whether she's even at a normal size for her age....Her SBD hasn't allowed for the best nutrition, not with all the fasting and quantities being always cut back on her...
Merlin, after only two weeks with me, already had reached her poor boy....he would've been beautiful all grown up........
It's gnawing on me that just maybe this could have been all my it possible that the bleach wasn't completely out...even after all I did to clean it? It was just so sudden....he was doing so well even after the salt treatment for his gill worms, or whatever those nasty white things that sprouted out of his gills were...but before he clamped up, I noticed he was darting around very frequently....maybe there still might've been something there bothering him that was not visible with the naked eye....
I'm rambling....truth is, I just don't know anything anymore....and it's been really emotionally draining trying my damnest to play vet for these fish....
Clearly, I'm either not good at it...or I'm harboring something in my tanks....either way my poor fish are paying the price...
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Old 04-26-2013, 03:47 AM   #35 
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Massachusetts
Okaaay, seems I have discovered what Morgana's problem has been all along...She hates large tanks o.O

It's obvious she has SBD issues, however, she started going steadily downhill once she was upgraded from her initial 1,5 to a 3g...When I then proceeded to switch her to the 5g, she immediately clamped up...Of course at the time, that immediately made me think she was also coming down with whatever Merlin had....
So, I kept her in there and did a couple of water changes for the time she was in. She remained semi-clamped and hid between the plant leaves most of the time...coming out only to greet me and eat :/

Well, while browsing through the forum, I remembered reading about how some people's bettas do have issues in larger tanks, and thought, why not? Let's test this theory. Sure enough, as soon as I moved her back into the 1,5, I kid you not, she blossomed immediately o.O....Seems I have a very 'special' girl on my hands! lol

Oh and another thing. I swung by Petco today to pick up some NLS since they're smaller pellets and easier for her to eat whole for now. I stopped by to pay special attention to any females they had...I wanted to have a better idea if my girl was 'normal' sized. I have a feeling their females are still quite small, but it turns out, my Morgana is already their size! Woohooo Yay meee, I MUST be doing SOMETHING right!!!! FINALLY! lol

I still don't know for sure what the heck happened to my poor Merlin :( though I am now leaning towards it having been caused by unfortunate newbie error....there MUST have been some bleach left over in the tank that I didn't realize...rather than anything Inuyasha might've had that infected was just too quick...and even Inuyasha's issues were also probable common consequences to my error of tampering with the pH before I knew any better...

So, I'm feeling more heartened than I have in a while, and as it stands for now, Morgana is happy back in her 1,5g, it'll mean more water changes, but if she's happy, I'm happy, and my 5g has been emptied and sanitized again, but THIS time it's also going out to bake in the sun.

Today's visit to my local Petco, however, has only fortified my resolution to no longer purchase fish there...or at least not at THAT location. OMG, the fish were worse off than I have ever seen...Some were dead, and out of the living, many had some form of fuzzy fungus growing on them...poor things...:(

I'm still on wobbly legs as far as being a successful fish keeper goes...but now that I finally have a much better grasp of the proper do's and don'ts...I'd still rather increase the odds in my favor by having my next fish come from healthy stock to begin with...

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