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Old 03-31-2013, 02:26 PM   #11 
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: New Jersey
I might consider putting the filter and heater in the center of the tank in it's own separate narrow divider. Your husband should be thankful that you didn't choose Piranhas! HA
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Fishy Mom
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I know what your going through with your hubby. I'm getting my larger tank because I told my husband he could decorate it, lol.
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Hadoken Kitty
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Also, to answer your question about deciding which fish to choose from....I just put my larger one in the middle and my smaller two on the sides (I three way divided by 10 gal) I gave the half giant a bit more room, though...seeing as he's much larger. xD
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Location: NC
I am a first time fish owner and I also have a divided tank and one of my fish is totally chill, swims up to the divider and just sits there watching the other flip his lid xD he taunts him, it's pretty funny.
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Location: Midwest
I am well equipped filter wise. I have 5-6 sponge filters, 3 air pumps and two Aquatech filters. With the 20 gallon I was going to do at least 4 sponge filters and probably one Aquatech filter to keep good flowing going. I've recently read that have a sponge filter in your tank whether it's running or not is important in case of a power outage because you can at least run one of those off of a battery back up.

I keep hoping my husband will eventually get interested in the fish and somewhat knowledgeable like he has with other hobbies such as gardening I've picked up. He doesn't necessarily participate directly in them but still has taken an interest. I had surgery last year for now my participation in something that I found relaxing like gardening is very limited.

The fish for me at least give me some enjoyment that I used to get doing my other hobbies. I like giving them a good home, interacting with them and decorating the tanks. So far he doesn't get that. Honestly if he had decided to do the same thing I would not be bothered by it. It's not like I went to a shelter and brought home a Great Dane. I am really looking forward to trying to decorate each section with a theme.
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Location: Midwest
I will still have two that won't go in the large tank because one male is a complete chicken (and kind of named that way) he gets pale an stripes at the sight of a male. My female keeps swelling up with eggs and I think it will become worse if she's in a tank with other males. She's very small and seems happy on her own.
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