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Hello, Well here goes my first attempt to have a aquarium. I have a purple beta fish and am told they are the easiest starter fish. I am already becoming attached to him. I named him Tyrus but call him Tye for short. He is so kewl and I think wants to talk to me. He comes to the glass when I come to talk to him. Am I crazy or is this fish really friendly. I want to take good care of him any advice? Keep in mind this is my first fish I have no earthly clue where to start except to research the net for information.
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Bettas are not as easy to keep as they tell you in the pet store. First you will need at LEAST 2.5 Gallon preferably 5 - 10 Gallon with Filter ( you can get a Nano filter for the smaller tanks & a HEATER and light, as Bettas like to be 78-80 will have to go to the "sticky" and read about cycling your new tank BEFORE you put in your fish...those "stickys" have alot of info you should probebly read before you start fish keeping..good luck with your new Betta..oh and they are more interactive than other fish.
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make sure ur tank is cycled and u have a heater those are some of the starters then u need to get a filter and due regular water changes
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Ok Here we go, I'm going to get a lot of slack from this one. LOL But I'll say it anyway. If your just going to keep the beta in the tank. A 5g is ok with a few live plants for color and hiding places. Now here's where the ripping comes in. If your just having the beta in the tank get you a bucket and fill with water and let it set for at least 24hrs. This is to remove the bad stuff in the water. Betas will be fine in aged water and you don't have to cycle the tank. I've been a beta breeder and keeper for going on 15yrs and there's no need to cycle a tank for them. Just age the water for 24hrs and they'll be just fine. Now DON'T EVEN THANK OF DOING THIS WITH OTHER FISH IT WANT WORK!! other fish you must cycle your tank in order to get a good bactearia base in it before any fish should be added. That's a fishless cycle (the best IMO) Now on the filter a filter isn't needed with a beta tank under 5g with a 50% water change every 3 to 4 days. You can use a sponge on a air line tube or just a air tube set on low. Betas don't like a ton of current. There fins are to heavy for them to fight a fast current for a long period of time. Anytime you change your betas water use aged water if possable. If not at least let the water set with open cap or top for a few hrs before using it. When feeding your beta it's best to remenber to only fed him a high protain based food. I never feed mine flake foods. That's a personal habit not a must. I fed live brine shrimp, blood worms and beef heart (every other week ) Also don't freak if you lots of bubbles on the surface of the water this just means he's well and happy and like his home. Ok spell check wasn't working so forgive the misspelled words ( spellings not the best )
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All I have to say is Cycling Cycling Cycling!
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I agree with tesax guy, and i'll go one more and get ripped apart for it too, but I dont use heaters in betta or gold fish tanks. I will say that my house temp never falls below 68* and is usually around 75*.

And I just spawned 2 bettas a few weeks ago-in an UNHEATED tank. Fry were raised to about 3 weeks(or the size of guppy fry) and THEN put in my heated fry tank.

It is JMO but if you keep a betta happy with his surroundings and well fed and healthy, the heater is optional.
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