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So, I'm moving into an apartment about 15 minutes away. What is the best way to go about moving the bettas with the least stress?

I was considering taking about 50% of the water out and moving them in their current tanks....



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If all you're moving is bettas, make it a water change and put them in solo cups, then right back into their tanks when you get them there. That is the safest and easiest way to do it. Please don't move tanks with water in them, that will break the glass. You can leave gravel in them wet, but be sure to drain all of the water. The way the water shifts when its move transfers pressure and weight to too small of an area and you end up with pressure cracks in the glass. If you want to save the water, put it in buckets, toss any plants into the buckets of water with lids on them, and then just refill everything when they get to the new home.

BTW, make sure the covers have some kind of small holes in them. The solo cups usually come with the little X cut out in the center... those don't need to be pushed open, as long as air can get in... you don't want a hole big enough for water to splash out or fish to jump through.
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along with what bettababy said, it is also advised to put a dark sheet or dark container so that he cant see and therefore will not be as stressed
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I have never found the need for dark sheet or paper with my bettas. In warmer months of the year, I frequently take my bettas with me when I go out and about during the day, they ride in cups in the cup holders in the car... and they seem to enjoy it. There are precautions for stuff like that, like making sure they're not in direct sun for any amount of time, and making sure the air conditioning isn't blowing on their cups... but never have I had a betta suffer problems from stress from a car ride... and never were they covered up with paper or a sheet. I have been doing this for more than 10 yrs, can't even count the number of bettas I've done it with... so I wouldn't bother with the sheet or paper, especially not for just a 15 minute ride to their new home. The covering itself may cause more stress than anything.
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