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live plants for filtration/aeration - need some how-to help

Hello all,
My husband purchased a betta from the pet shop and they told him that bettas liked cold/room temp, murky, stagnant water so he did not purchase a filter or heater. After visiting this site I went to the pet store and bought a heater but have read that in small tanks (we have a 4 gallon) a bubble or power filter can upset them. So, I bought a couple of live plants to aid in keeping the tank clean and the water oxygenated.

The problem is, I can't find a good way to anchor them! They just keep on floating up to the top. Does anybody have any suggestions about how to get my plants to stay put??

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They sell plant weights at the LFS- just a soft metal you wrap around the roots. Just try to find one that is not made of lead, as the lead ones are common, but lead isn't totally inert.

I would still recommend using a filter. A sponge filter is perfect, as it will not create very much water agitation. You can buy one, or make your own, just look up "DIY Sponge Filter" on this website.
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HA HA HA, kick that pet store dude in the nuts.

Okay, Bettas have this thing called a Labrynth (sp) that allows them to breath oxygen in from the air and not the water. That's why you see them for sale in little containers, unlike other tropical fishes. Only a few fish have this ability. It doesn't mean you should neglect the fish.

You can find plant anchors at a good fish store. But atleast get your fish a little internal filter to keep the water conditions healthy for your fish.
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sponge filter

Thanks for the advice about the sponge filter, I'll go buy one tomorrow or make one myself - I also did not know that they had plant weights so that's neat.

I can't believe that pet store employees are giving advice (and passing out care sheets) that say all you have to do is buy a tiny jar and plop the fish in there when that is NOT the case. This is my first fish, I'm used to reptiles so if I hadn't looked up extra info on the internet I probably would have killed my new fish!!!
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And that's how they make their money. You kill a fish, think it's your fault because you didn't know that they gave you little/incorrect info and you'll probably buy a few more before you give up.
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Fortunately it's starting to kick them in the behinds because of all the people that have the internet and come across or are told about sites like this one!
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