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I need Help Big Time;0

I am a first time owner to two betta fish. m/andf/. I have a 45gallon tank with no filter nor divider. I have some floating leaves in there as well.

Now my biggest concern is caring for them. I see that they have mated and there are even little ones floating and swimming along. I am very worried about them swallowing the little ones w/o spitting them back out. I read that the female should be seperated then the male but I see that both have be caring for them okay. What Should I Do? I Need To Know;0
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I have never had baby Betta fish but I have had baby fish. You can guy a little cage type thing that hangs inside the aquarium and attaches to the side. You catch the babies with a little net and put them in the cage. This will keep them safe from being eaten. You feed them in the cage until they are big enough to let loose in the tank. Now whether or not all fish will eat the babies I dont know. But this should help you in case they start getten eaten.
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Ideally they should have been put in a different tank to spawn then the female removed (the fact that she's still amongst the living is a miracle), and after the fry became free-swimming the male should have also been removed. You can round them up and put them in their own tank if you have one however a breeding net is too small for all of them. What are your long term plans for all of them? If you don't know yet, think long and hard about the actual saleability of them and decide if you want to put that much effort into it or just simply let them become a snack?
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Umm...well the female fish should be removed and once the little ones start swimming out comes the male. Feed the babies TWICE a day and the big ones only once. hope it helps o and congrats on the new baby bettas
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