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I'm going to try algae grazing blocks. My order just came in today! It's tough to know how much to feed them. I'm scared b/c they can starve to death. I'm convinced that's why some die so fast when you bring them home. When they were in QT, I put some of my algae-coated ornaments & plants. They are teeny fish, but boy do they eat!!

I kind of hate floating plants- they clog my filter intake. I went on Aquarium Plants .com & found some that look like I could suction-cup them to the tank wall.
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Nicci Lu
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Yea, if they go without eating too long during transport then their gut bacteria dies off and they can't process food even they later start eating. I'm paranoid too about mine not getting enough- it's hard to tell with these guys. I just keep an eye on their bellies. As long as they don't look concave and they're pooping a lot, they're ok. I think it took mine a good two weeks after I got them to finally start getting nice and plump.

My floating hornwort is good at staying put. In fact, I use it to corral my frogbit, which does drive me to distraction with its tendency to zoom under the filter outtake. The suction cups are a good idea.

If you got the Super Green, make sure you prepare it right. The first time I did it, I microwaved it too long and it didn't set properly. So, when I put it in my tank it was really loose. Along came my betta, who decided to plow right through it, kicking it up everywhere with his fins. What a mess! That gave me nitrites at .25. Little stinker... Microwave the water first, then add the powder. You can pour it in a small container, put a piece of yarn it and let it set. Instant grazing block that you can hang.
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AWESOME idea about blocks on a rope! I think I'll use cotton twine. I was smart for once & bought a container of suction cups @ Christmas time (used for hanging mini lights on windows) so I got like 24 for $1! (Better than $24 for 1 @ Petco!!!)
Bettas are such little monkeys!!!! Probably why I love them so much. It's like thay say to themselves, "What's this? Can I eat it? Can I swim through it? Can I destroy it?" no matter what they see!

Once a plant of mine once released some sort of floating, teeny pale blossoms, and these litte plant bits overnight clogged my intake so bad the filter shut off. What a mess & aggrevation to get rid of it all!
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