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Kanaplex Paraguard or furan 2 for Columnaris?

I am convinced my Betta, Neptune, has columnaris, He has a large graying spot now under his mouth and his fins get ragged. I decided to try to feed him with Kanaplex and focus in pellets moisted with GarlicGuard. (1 dosette of Kanaplex and 5 of Focus for about 40 pellets).
1) HOW MANY DAYS should I feed Neptune with these medicated pellets?
2) I also add Paraguard in the water (plan to do it for one week).
3) I am buying Furan 2 to mix with Kanaplex in the tank if in one week my little one does not improve.
4) Do you think this is a good way to try to cure Columnaris? How long should it take to be solved?
PS: the water has 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5 nitrates and PH about 6.8 (which is perfect for bettas). However, the temperature was too high at 80 Fahrenheit(my mistake I thought first he had ich) and after three changes of water,is now back to 75-76 degrees, which should help. I am reluctant to add salt because it is not well tolerated by betta (and I have a few plants, but this is less important).
Awaiting your reply, Sylvie
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Actually the temp at 80F is perfect, 75-76F is the low temp end for a Betta. Are you sure he has Columaris? Greying could be his coloring as they do change colors from time to time. Can you post a pic? The ragged fins could be from something else; plants, filter intake, decorations, tank mates (if he has any). How long has he had the symptoms that lead you to believe he has columnaris? I'd be very careful with adding to many meds at once because that could have adverse effects.
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Using kanamyacin and furan 2 at the same time is an effective columnaris combo. If you want to choose 1 then kanamyacin. Just know that seachem's dosing is way too low I'd have to look up the amount though.
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