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sick betta

Hey everyone i have question about betta but it not my betta. I am trying to help that person.
The betta was treated 3 times with Maracyn2, General Cure and Maroxy. The owner said that he had ich, hole in his head and it gone. Now she think that he has fin rot. I want to try to post his pictures, not sure if i can do it. I personally don't see any fin rot. They are not ragged or frayed edges, no black edges. She treating him now with aquarium salt. Betta has white strings on his tail along the edge of his top , which i think is his slime coat from so many medication and salt.
That person have him for about 1 1/2 month and was doing 50% water changes with vacuuming and she had filter. Now she doing aq salt with daily water changes.

How can i attach picture on this forum?
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I can't really post the pictures. If anyone can help me i can probobly attach them by e mail if any one willing to help me to figure out if i am write. All i need someone look at the picture and tell me that i am right and fish do not have fin rot and all white strings just his slime coat.
Thank you.
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My suggestions:
If the finrot has just started, then I would treat it with daily 50% waterchanges.
If you dont see the fin healing and new growth in about a week, then you start with the salt. Buy Aquarium Salt (MUST BE PURE) at any decent petstore and dissolve 1 Teaspoon of it per gallon of water in a cup before you add it into the aquarium. If your tank has 2 gallons, for example, you dissolve 2 teaspoons of aquarium salt in a cup of water then you add it into the aquarium, because the salt can burn the fish. I do suggest keeping the betta in a tank with about 2 gallons because this way its easier to do the waterchanges and cure the fish. Dont forget to leave the heater steady at 76-78F all the time. 78 is better because at higher temperatures the fish heals faster and the bacteries die faster too. Change 100% of the water everyday and re-add the salt. Dont add salt if you are not doing waterchanges or you will kill the fish!

You can read more about it here:

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when i start talking to that person she was already treating him with salt. But salt was not right dosage ,she just follow instructions on the box which is not theraputic dosage. And she change the water every 2 days. So now she continue with my recommendation 100% water changes with salt . My problem i am not sure should she do salt for full 10 days which is 8 days of box instructions or should she continue another 10 days of the full dose of the salt.
Also i want to know what is that white strings . I have like 7-8 pictures i wish i can post so someone can tell me if this fish has fin rot. He is also a little lethargic. But again no matter what it is i think he already was treated so many times that i don't think it good idea to treat him again.
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To attach pics, click on Go Advanced under the message box (next to Post Quick Reply). On the next screen, click on the paper clip. A little window will pop up. Find all your files and upload them one by one, then close the window and post as usual.

If the files are on a website like Photobucket, then click on the second to last icon above the message box. It sort of looks like a little postcard. Copy and paste the URL of the picture.
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