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Sorority Queson

Im still kind of new to keeping female Betta fish and I just had a question about sororities. When starting a sorority does the aggression get spread out to other fish? For example.. two Betta fish and six pygmy cories.. would that work or is the aggression strictly between the Bettas?
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you need at least 6 female betta to run a sorority. If you only have 2 in the tank then I would remove 1 until you can get at least 6 otherwise you will have a murder in the tank. You also need a min of a 10g tank and that would likely only support the 6 betta. Having the 6 females helps to spread out the aggression so one isn't being bullied to much. Also remember that not every female is suited to sorority life and if it is too aggressive it may have to be relocated. I have only had female betta in a tank with no other tank mates but my guess is the aggression would not transfer onto the cories

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It's not interspecies. You'd need 5+ bettas and a decent sized tank minimum. It's nice when it gets set up, but there is certainly the potential for bumps getting it there.
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+1. A betta is more than capable of distinguishing between species. Pygmy cories are not going to be seen as a threat and will therefore not be bullied (by most bettas), but two bettas will fight each other. :)
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