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im 15 and i have a betta, i need help

my father is coming home with my red betta at a little past 4 and i need help. Well i got these Peace Lillys and my mom said that if i cleaned out the roots and all the dirt off them and stick them into the vase looking thing the betta fish a the flower will live that true?, and does the betta need to have bubbles in the tank to breath? How many times does it need to be fed each day? how many times do i clean the tank? Do i need a heating lamp? and if so then what kind? Do i need to put it in a BIG tank or would any size work? my mom also says that if i put 65 degrees water in the tank that the water will stay like that in my room. Right now im montana its about 40 sumthin digrees and mabe our house is about 46 degrees (she wants us to freeze) will the 65 degrees water get colder or will it stay the same? How do i transfer the betta into the vase thing i have now? (its in a little bottle thing that is kinda small) how can u tell if the fish is girl or boy?
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I feel your pain. I'm only 14 but I had a betta for eight months. He's gone now. Generally the fish are marked at the pet store what gender but the other thing is boys are much prettier. Kind of like birds. Also as far as I can tell the bigger the tank the better but my betta did just fine in a one gallon. 65 is way to cold. It's supposed to be like 78. My betta had an under gravel filter all his life so I don't know what would have happened if he would have been okay without it. I fed my betta twice a day but he got constipated a lot to I think you need to talk to the people with tons of experience. I'm still a newbie... good luck!!
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alright read this betta care thread...

yes a betta does need at least a 2.5 gallon tank.
and a heater is NEEDED! they do need 78 degree water constantly (its not a heat lamp, its a fully submersable heater that comes in diffent wattages (5 watts per gallon)) bettas dont need an air pump. they breath by gulping air from the surface. so make sure you tank lid has some air holes in it.

to feed it you should use either pellets or flakes, or both. you can feed it perhaps 3 pellets twice a day. and maybe a small pinch of flakes twice daily as well. somtimes your betta will not eat the first type of pellets/flakes you buy you may have to try a few diffent brands until you find one he likes. in my experience this is the worst part of betta fish keeping (picky little buggers ) it is also always good to give your betta variety- try picking up some frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp for a once a week treat.

depending on your tank size you would water change about 25 percent of the water every couple of days. and replace it with DECHLORINATED WATER. make sure you use water conditoner in the first place.I would recomend a sponge filter too to get rid of those suspended particles. oh and a handy turkey baster too so you can clean poo wasted food from the gravel.

well i think thats all. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new aquairium friend :D
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Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the new betta! It's great to hear that you're planning for your fish, instead of just buying him and dropping him into a bowl. Bettas are easy fish to keep, but they do have a couple requirements.

The "betta vase" is actually where the fish hobby started for me. I got one of the vases for my 15th birthday and the paper that came with it said you could put a betta or two african dwarf frogs in the vase with a lilly. I thought that it looked a little small for a betta, so I chose two frogs (my bettas came later on). It was also way too small for even a single frog, and I'm still suprised that they both lived past the vase adventure. My plan, which I never mentioned to my parents, was to eventually move the frogs into a slightly bigger tank. I finally did, but not after a couple of months in the vase. I went through a couple small tanks that year (2 gal. then 5 gal.), and bought a 28 gallon for my 16th birthday. I've learned a lot since the vase.

Vases are much too small - a betta needs 2.5 gallons or more to live happily. Just like any other fish, they need to move around. The idea that bettas live in "little puddles" in the wild is a total myth that people try to use to excuse putting their fish in a tiny bowl. A 5 gallon would be great, and they're only about $6-8 at most petstores. You could even add a mystery snail or ADFs.

Bettas don't need bubbles in the water, but oxygen that's dissolved in the water. Putting bubbles in the water (with an aquarium aerator) is just a way to get slight current, so more oxygen can diffuse into the water. Bettas are a type of fish called an anabantid, which can breathe air from the surface if necessary. This is another drawback of the vase - there's not enough surface area for oxygen to dissolve.

Bettas can not be kept in 65* water. You'll need to buy a small aquarium heater and an in-tank thermometer. 78-80* would be perfect.

I would change the 25-50% of the water about every week in something like 2.5 gallons. If you used a vase you'd have to change it ever other day or so.

Males are usually easy to tell apart from females. Males have much longer fins and sometimes have brighter color.

I feed my bettas twice a day. Hikari Betta Bio Gold pellets are a great food. They're $5.99, you can find them at most petstores, and they'll last you forever. Plus, they won't cloud your water like flakes sometimes do. Frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms are also a great supplement.

Good luck! Keep us updated on how it all goes, and post a pic of your betta if you can. :D
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Vases with plants are especially dangerous because Betta need to breathe from the surface and if the plant is getting in the way...well, you get the idea.
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I'm betting the Peace Lilly's have toxic fertilizer on them the same way Lucky Bamboo does. I'd watch out for that.
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yeah you can clean the plants with 1 part bleach 20parts water, then soak for about 2 minutes and rinse very very clearly (thanks okie). I am not sure, but its possible that it may not be good for the bettas, they are very sensitive.
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