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Columnaris? help?

I think one of my sorority girls has columnaris. She has a white fuzzy ball at the end of one of her rays (she's a crown tail I just very recently spawned). She has lighter scale patches on her head too but they are not fuzzy at all. Just lighter skinned. So I'm guessing this is columnaris or a fungus of sorts. Anyway, I was wondering how I should treat her and how should I treat the other girls. What medicine should I go buy? If I buy medicine, how should I treat the girls? They are in a heavily planted tank so would the medicine ruin my plants? Should I remove the plants or the girls from the tank? How big of a water change should I do? It's a 10 gallon heated tank. Water is good. There has been some fin nipping lately so I'm worried the other girls will catch it faster.

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Location: Layton, Utah
I have AQ salt, Epsom, Maracyn II, and Indian Almond leaf handy
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Blue Fish
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Many years ago I had some nasty bouts of columnaris, but it was before the maracyn's were carried at my LFS. I treated them all with Jungle Fungus Eliminator/Cure, and it worked really well.

As for how to treat, I'd definitely take her out of the sorority (and away from the plants, which would probably definitely not benefit from the meds), and treat her in quarantine.
As for the others, I wouldn't treat them unless they show signs of disease. Most diseases are opportunistic, and will only hit fish who are weakened from something else. (and it can be anything, stress, spawning, temp changes, water quality changes (good or bad, it's still stressful) the list goes on and on) But, make sure you watch the others carefully, and if they show signs of disease, scoop them out and into QT as well for treatment. :) I can't remember the ingredients for maracyn II, but here are the ones for the Jungle Fungus Eliminator (which I still have on hand from forever and a day ago...I'm sure it's expired, but I'm a hoarder... ;): sodium chloride (salt), nitrofurazone (antibiotic), furazolidone (antibiotic), potassium dichromate (chemical that helps with parasites and fungus). I believe that's very similar to one of the maracyns, but I'm not sure which. :)

I hope that helps!!
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