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I decided to alter the lid to Pancake's tank to make the incandescent bulb fit on here. I'd like to do live plants, but I didn't have a strong enough light to keep the plants from dying.

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I have come to the point where I realize Beatrix definitely ate her shrimp companions. They never resurfaced, and several attempts to locate bodies have been unsuccessful. So, now the point has come where I am thinking I would like to add some more in with her. I don't really want her to eat them, but at the same time I love the clean up they do (she is a messy eater). How many shrimp do you think I could add? I have 3 mystery snails and Beatrix in a 10 g. I am going to get some more hiding spots. They always seems to be hidden well in the plants, but I guess not, or maybe they just died of natural causes and she ate them.

Also, do you know if shrimp can carry the fungus that kills frogs? The ghost shrimp at PetSmart are in with the ADF. I wouldn't want to expose her to the fungus, but even a 3 mos QT wouldn't tell me anything since they don't die from it.
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I haven't seen Pancake eating any of the shrimp that we have since they've outgrown her mouth. But I have a "bunch" (my fiance and I split up an order, so I have no clue exactly how many are in there). I ordered 20, and figured we'd lose some, either to adjustment, or to Cake.

I don't know if they can carry the Chytrid fungus either, and any kind of treatment that could be used on a frog, I think would be dangerous for the invertebrates in your tank.

I wish I could help.
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