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Lethargic Betta!!!

I got my betta from petco. He was the brightest and most active fish there. I kept him in his cup for one day because i had to wait for the water to reach room temperature in his 2.5 gallon tank. He was still active in his cup but when i placed him in the tank he seemed very lethargic and sad. He wouldn't eat his pelleted food (Aqueon Betta Food). He usually sits at the bottom of the tank and only goes up for air. I think this may be stress. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

I will make sure to post a picture of him later.
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Is the tank heated? What is the water temp? It should be 78-80F, 76F at the very least. Is the tank filtered? When was your last water change & how much was changed? Are you using a good water conditioner such as Prime? Did you acclimate him properly or just put him into the new tank? How long have you had him? As for the food, I suggest getting either New Life Spectrum (Petco) or Omega One (Petsmart & I think Petco).
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How did you introduce him to the new tank? If they aren't acclimated slowly, the change in water chemistry can cause a shock to their system. This can result in symptoms like lethargy, or hiding.

There are many ways to do a water change and acclimate (introduce) your fish into the tank. You should always follow a procedure like this when moving your fish into a new tank, or after changing the water in his current tank.

Here is one variation of acclimation:
  1. Note the temperature of the water.
  2. Using a plastic cup, scoop him, along with some of his water, into the cup.
  3. Clean out the tank. Refill with water at the SAME temp. Be sure to add the correct amount of water conditioner.
  4. Float his cup in the tank for about 15 min.
  5. Add a SMALL amount of NEW water to the cup. (Several tablespoons, or about 1.5 ounces.)
  6. Let his cup float for about 10 min.
  7. If the cup starts to fill too much, remove a SMALL amount of water from the cup. Discard it.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7, until about an hour has passed.
    (If this is a NEW fish, I recommend taking MORE than an hour before putting him into the tank the first time. Your water may be very different than the water he's used to. I usually acclimate new fish for several hours, just to be safe.)
  9. Gently release him into the tank.
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