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Triad Angels
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What to feed 2 month old fry

I am new to Betta owning. I purchased some adults from someone and they gave me 18 fry that are 2 months old. I have been feeding them Brine Shrimp Flakes crushed from Kens in the morning and Live Baby Brine shrimp in the evening. Is there something else I shold be feeding them. I have one that sometimes lays on its side at the top of the water and one that seems to have trouble swimming down and staying down . The rest seems to be doing fine. I do fast them one day a week . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am not new to raising fish as I have 21 tanks with angelfish in them and I do breed angels and hopefully going to try and breed some Bettas in the future.
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They should be around an inch long by now. If so, tiny pellets, freeze dried or frozen tubifex and/or small worms. Flakes may be fouling up the water. Probably don't need BBS anymore. The one sounds like swim bladder problems. Are you changing 75% of the water weekly at the least? Are you testing the water? At two months they still should be fed at least twice a day without fasting.
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Grindal worms are a good stepping stone up from BBS if you have them/can source them and the fry are big enough to eat them without issue. I find I get good growth rates once I make the switch from BBS to grindals with my fry/juvenile bettas.

You don't really need to fast young bettas. They are growing and need as much high-protein food as they can get.

Regular water changes and a slightly warmer temperature will help with growth and proper digestion.

Once they start behaving aggressively towards each other, you will have to jar out the males. You don't want them messing up their fins too badly as sometimes they don't grow back the same.
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Triad Angels
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The fry are in 32 oz cups right now and I have been changing the water weekly. All I have here is Micro worms , vinger eels , Tetra Min Flakes , Brine shrimp flakes and Live Baby brine Shrimp. I can look into getting some pellets tomorrow Might take some time to get the grandual worms
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