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Columnaris in Female Betta?! HELP!

Hi. So, my female Betta, Puma is showing signs of Columnaris, I believe (white patches, missing patches of fins, etc), and I need help with what to do.

Background Info First: Last summer, I got a female Betta from my LPS and she has symptoms of Columnaris. I thought it was just a fungal infection, so I treated her with BettaFix. She died a few weeks later as the medicine didn't work. I cleaned the tank as best as I could (using plain tap water), and got a new male Betta and put him in the tank. He began to develop symptoms of Columnaris. I, thinking it was another fungal infection, treated him with BettaFix. It went away for a bit, and then came back, killing him. About a month or two later, I got a female Betta from a different LPS. I cleaned out the tank again, thinking nothing of the past two fish who had died in it. Just a month ago, she began to get small fuzzy patches on her back. I treated her with BettaFix (the only treatment I had before today) and they slowly went away. Just a few days ago, a white patch formed on her anal fin, and now an entire section of it is missing. Now she has a slight layer of gray-ish fuzz on her head, too, I think!

So today I ran out to PetSmart and picked up some aquarium salt and Maracyn II. I'm pretty sure she has Columnaris, so I am going to treat her with that and disinfect EVERYTHING that I use in my aquariums (I have 12) that has been used in hers (nets, siphons, etc).

Would This Be a Good Treatment?
100% daily water changes, lights out, cover tank with blanket, towel, or whatever, and keep room QUIET AND DARK.
Add aquarium salt at about 3 tsp per gallon (1 tsp every 12 hours, 3 times) and treat with Maracyn II.

Here's a Picture:

*Note* It may look like she has white dots on her in the picture (she just wouldn't stay still for the camera... besides, I had to use the crappy camera on my phone), but that is just her coloring. She has what believe is called blue iridescence on her scales. :)

My Questions:
1- Is it Columnaris, first off?
2- Would my treatment be correct? I am at my limit of spending, I can't buy anything else for her...
3- What should I do, if this isn't the correct treatment?
4- Also, if I do the 12 hour intervals for salt (another thread on here recommended that), then how would I do 100% water changes?

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Coppermoon recently posted about columnaris and its treatment. See posts #300 - 303 on on this thread.
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