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I've been reading over these threads for days, than reading them again, but I do have questions about culling the fry. Honestly at this point I have heard the word & believe it means getting rid of unwanted fry, but know nothing more than that. My question is how do you decide what to cull & when? If anyone has a good article or two on this I'd love to read them if you can point me in the right direction.

I am trying to learn all I can before I start spawing, so any and all info would be greatly welcome.
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Culling is getting rid of individuals from your breeding population. For fish this usually means killing humanely like clove oil, feeding to larger fish or smacking on the head.
I cull mine based on deformities, runts, rosetails, bad scales, bad toplines and bad finnage. Some people also cull for colour

If you can find people who want to take culls off your hands then by all means go for it, just make sure they wont breed those culls.
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For me I only cull if my fry have obvious physical deformities or fail to thrive. I've found that most of my runts tend to self-cull anyway in the first few weeks and so I've never had to do any large scale culling like some breeders do.

Plus my fish always come out with the same uniform look and colour depending on their species so I also have no need to cull based on aesthetics.
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Location: Hampton, Virginia
Thanks you! Than it is basically what I was thinking it was and I can handle that with no problem. I was going to try a spawning with leaving the dad in the tank, so maybe he will handle all the culling for me anyway.
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Sometimes you can give babies who would otherwise be culled to people who just want a nice pet. I've taken in several fish that might have been culled if they didn't find homes.
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"But where should our fun stop and betta ethics begin? It is oftentimes a fine line... Blurred by too many careless people... In other words, if we are to play GOD by creating life, do we not owe it to our creations to care about them and FOR them? Is it not our moral responsibility? If we do not have the adequate space, time, financial resources to provide the fry with proper care and most importantly homes, should we even attempt to spawn in the first place? Are we being selfish when we spawn for fun but the many bettas we produce suffer?

The answer is yes, yes and YES."

Faith at bettatalk

^This is my view exactly. I will only cull for a defect that will make their lives awful. To me, bringing lives into this world and killing them off because they don't have perfect form, color, etc is simply horrible. To cull does not always mean to kill however. Many people would take a fish with bad form (usually, unless they are a fellow breeder, they would not care). Some people (you could probably find a few on this forum) would even take culls that have issues like congenital defects such as sbd and make the special arrangements to pet them live a happy life.

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Location: Hampton, Virginia
Thank you dramaqueen, I actually have several people lined up that want bettas. I know they will take them even if they aren't 'perfect' in color. I'll likely keep a lot of the others myself. I've already warned everyone here I may end up with hundreds of bettas! lol, I was meaning fry, but I didn't specify that. If they say anything I can always say I warned them.

I agree Matt. That's why I still have 1 guppy, she's a hunchback and we call her Quazi. She has no color, and is very plan and boring, but she has a right to a happy life as well. I just keep her from the boys so she doesn't have babies herself. I will likely end up keeping any bettas that have physical defects. It happens in all species and I sure wouldn't throw out my kid if he was born deformed. That's why I was asking about culls. I've seen it mentioned a lot here and wanted to make sure I had the facts. I don't mind culling for something that is harmful for the fish, but I won't be getting rid of my babies for color or because their fins aren't perfect.
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bettysplendens has an article on leaving the father with fry and the dad will eat only the fry that are deformed and leave the healthy ones but it's harder then general spawning.
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This is just so confusing for me because I want to produce a good line without being overrun with Bettas, but I am so tender hearted I can hardly kill a bug...

I asked Elitebetta on YouTube about this because he said his Bettas only got the treatment they deserved (feeding, cleaned bowls) if they lived up to his standards. He said they were immediately destroyed if they did not.

I thought this sounded harsh, but he does have some nice fish.

What is humane/inhumane and where do you draw the line?
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Im a wuss too so I just give my culls to a friend so I dont have to watch.
Humane for me is a quick death, anything like throwing them alive on the grass or flushing down the toilet is cruel

In my opinion each generation should be an improvement on the next, the stricter the selection process is the better quality fish you get. Kinda like a hard exam thats so strict only the best of the best can pass.
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