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Bacteria Infection?

Ahh. I currently have 4 female betta's in .75-1 gallon quarantine tanks that are about 79 degrees.

On Saturday I went to Petco and ended up taking home 2 new rescues. I thought they had ammonia burns near their gills, they were clamped and had stress stripes. One had a strange bump on her head and the other was pale, almost like she was covered in a thin layer of white.

After bringing them home they began to recover some. They had good appetites and eat twice a day. They unclamped their fins and now are swimming around seemingly happy.

I also have 2 other females in quarantine (My plan was for them to eventually go into a sorority tank in June) I have had them for about two weeks and they have been doing good too.

I did a 100% water change for all if them on Sunday but was careful to keep everything separate, or so I thought.(The two new rescues got AQ salt added) After the water change I placed their tanks next to each other so they could start getting used to each other too, which seemed to be gong well.

This morning when feeding I noticed that now all four of them have red (burns?) on their gills? I will post pictures soon. Is this a bacterial infection?
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BTW I used Stress Coat as a conditioner. They currently are being fed Aqueon Betta food. (But soon I will switch to a better food) They will get another 100% water change today (And every day from now on instead of every other)
While I am treating them should I put them in tuber ware to make it easier or will that stress them out more? Or can I just take out the gravel and deco for now?

Besides the red scraps on their gills they are all active and eating...
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Update: When I got home from school today I got a chance to really sit down and stare at them. V.V I noticed that the two newer ones (who has the red scrapes/burn) were actually healing already? Unfortunately I tried to take pictures but honesty you can't really see what they really look like >.< I am hoping the other two heal quickly too.

On another note, I was looking at the one (the Blue VT) that I previously described as having a film of white, but looking today (in the daylight) I would almost describe her as dusty looking. (again you can't really see it in the photos but I will post them shortly) Does this sound like bacteria or something else?
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i only know what i learn from reading all these threads, but sounds like ammonia burns on the gills... good that it's clearing up! i don't think there's too much to do about it after the fact except make sure they're in warm clean water.

the white dots could be ich. any way you can post a picture so someone can check & make sure it's not a slime coat or something (which would apparently just mean, change the water every day, maybe use 1ts/gal aq salt for a week)? i think you would probably be able to see clearly that it was made up of distinct small dots if it was ich, though. and if it's just that she looks pale she may have only lost color living in bad conditions that she'll pick up in the next few weeks. on ich from the disease sticky:

•Symptoms: Betta has white dots (looks like he was sprinkled with salt) all over his body and head, even eyes. Lethargic, No appetite, Clamped Fins, Might dart and scratching against decor
•Treatment: You can treat Ick either conservatively or with medication. Ick is a parasite. Because ick is contagious, it is preferable to treat the whole tank when one fish is found to have it. Ick is temperature sensitive: Leave your betta in the community tank and raise temperature to 85 F. Then you can choose to treat with salt or medication. Conservative: Add 1 tsp/gal Aquarium Salt 3 times, 12 hours apart so that you end up with 3 times the normal concentration. Perform daily 100% water changes to remove fallen parasites before they can reproduce. Replace the water with the right amount of salt. Do not continue this treatment for more than 14 days. If it fails or you do not want to use salt, treat with Jungle’s Parasite Clear, API Super Ick Cure, or Kordon Rid Ich Plus. If your betta lives in a jar/bowl, then it can be difficult to heat the water. There are heaters for smaller containers, but you can also float the quarantine container in a larger heated tank during treatment. Do a full water change every day and add an appropriate amount of medication to the water.
•Alternative Treatment: Personally, I have not found Ick medications very effective. I prefer to use PP to treat all external parasites. In the past, I have used 3 or 4 different ick medications unsuccessfully, and every time I resort to PP which works like a charm. Do lots of research before using PP as it is a more dangerous chemical than most.
if it looks more like gold dust it would be velvet instead, another parasite.

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