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How to convince parents?

My dad is easy to convince but my mom is challenging.
I can convince her but it takes months per betta, it's worth it but I plan on getting a shelf and lots of tanks for my birthday(I pick my presents) and some bettas.
I told her and she said that's cool, but I need help convincing her for more then two.
Help and advice please!
I have two bettas, 1 true all black crowntail female and 1 male halfmoon that's aqua, dark blue red and black.
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Maybe I'm thinking crazy, being a parent and all, but how about you just ask, and if she says no, listen to her?

Be up front, explain that you know what you're doing and will take care of them, and ask her to trust you. If she says you don't need more than two, she's your mom after all.
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my sorority hasn't been started yet but how I convinced my mom to say I could get one for my birthday was to show her pictures and videos of other betta sororities that I got my inspiration from. You could also make a power point or a list of pros and cons to owning multiply bettas. I think if you really want more bettas then your mom will eventually save yes, but I don't know your mom so I can't be 100% sure...
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How long have you had your two bettas? I would think (at least if I had kids) if they could demonstrate to me that they could care for the betta's without my help I'd let them get more (slowly, like one at a time). But, then again, if your mom says no you need to respect that decision and plan for your future when you can have as many bettas as you want. You could start a betta "hope chest" and collect supplies that you will use in the future. That way when the time comes you are completely ready.
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Thanks! And yeah when I move out I'm gonna have lots of bettas haha
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Originally Posted by Bettasaremykids View Post
Thanks! And yeah when I move out I'm gonna have lots of bettas haha
Don't worry, moms aren't the only ones who put limits on those things. My husband also doesn't want the house crowded with betta tanks. But he has seniority, lol, as we've been married since 2005, and I only got back into bettas in 2012

Some people's thoughts about what's "too many" is not based on how they view your own maturity or responsability, but simply how they feel about what makes them feel overcrowded with animals.

By the way, this is not something most people think about... so I'll highlight this next point.

My mother owns 2 rental houses (we rent 1). She has turned potential tenants down because they wanted to have very large fish tanks, and if the seem broken or the tank broke for whatever reason, water damage to a floor and wall is EXTREMELY costly to repair (especially in these 100+ year old houses).

She could have sooo many concerns about it. I'd suggest you be extra well behaved, catch your mom in a good mood, and then have a mature conversation (leave out whining) with her about the topic. If she firmly stands against more tanks, ask her if she could explain why. Maybe it's something you can work to fix? Or maybe she just have her good reasons.
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Besides what everyone else has mentioned (and seeing that you are a betta keeper, and probably already know this) there are more costs to keeping bettas than just tanks and fish. Depending on the tank size, you'll need either an air stone or filtration, plus heaters, thermometers, substrate, decorations (plants, the like); besides all that, you'll spend a lot of time cleaning tanks, and making sure that you are the only one responsible for their upkeep. If you are sure that all of this can be achieved, then I wish you the absolute best on your quest, though when it all adds up, you may only have enough money for two.

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