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Cloudy Water

My son gave me a Betta fish for mother's day and I love it. However, this is new to me and I want to take care of it properly. I went to the pet store and learned that I need to feed him 3 times a day and clean out any food he doesn't eat in a few minutes. The employee also said that pellot food is better as it helps keep the tank cleaner. I also learned that I need to change 25% of the water every 2-3 days. Here are my questions:

1) My Betta won't eat - - he did at first, but now I don't see him eating. I go back and forth between the pellots and the flakes. He doesn't seem to like the pellots at all. What am I doing wrong?

2) My tank is cloudy. What am I doing wrong?

3) I have a small 1 gallon tank with gravel in the botton and a fake flower in the middle. There seems to be plenty of room for him to move around. Is my set up correct?

My youngest son purchased a kit at the pet store last night that included water. After he set it up, it was beautiful, but this morning it's cloudy. What gives?

I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks much!!!!
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Cloudy water=bacteria bloom.

Your tank is cycling. Change about 25% per day or two. It should tank a few weeks for the tank to balance itself.

As far as not eating, the betta is probably stressed due to the tank cycling. Try feeding him a thawed frozen pea smashed, childishly, between your fingers. Do not over feed. As soon as he finishes remove all food from his lair.
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Cloudy Water

Thanks for the help! I went to another pet store and told them the concerns. They gave me some water and said to change 50% yesterday and another 50% today. The smell of the tank water while changing was horrible! No wonder the poor guy wasn't doing well.

They also suggested a different food and not to feed for 24 hours. They also gave me some lettuce and a plant. I made the 50% water change, added the plant and lettuce and what an amazing transformation!

I'll do another 50% water change today. he's still not eating, but she said it could take a few days. I'll keep working on it.

Thanks for your help!
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