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Wild Type Compatability

This probably seems like a stupid question, but can you keep wild bettas with other bettas? Could I have a wild female with my sorority?? I wouldnt want anything bad to happen to happen to anyone
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I assume when you say wild bettas, you are talking about wild Betta splendens?

I am someone who recommends species only set-ups for wild bettas. While it is possible (if your water conditions are suitable) to house females of the splendens complex within a sorority of 'domesticated' female bettas, they are most likely not going to show off their best colours.

I had a couple of female imbellis in a sorority tank for a while and they tended to get beaten up or chased off by the rowdier female bettas.

Wild bettas also tend to prefer water that is soft-neutral, so if your water is extremely hard you may find that the fish are not as adaptable as normal splendens are.
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Oh good I was looking for something like this. I was wondering the same thing as I already have one female splendens in QT at the moment and will eventually have 6 (7?) in my 33 gallon. But I know there's a few different kinds, I tired looking at plakats but sources said they were too aggressive for splendens? And what about Simorum and Imbellis. I know those two are little more calmer.

Is it possible that I could mix Imbellis and Simorum and just have my one splendens with them or do you think she'd get too rowdy? Simorum I believe also grow bigger so there's the size issue as well. Any answers would be most appreciated.
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