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Unhappy Help pleasee

I got my betta just over a month ago. I did a ton of research on how to take care of one & change the water, so on and so forth. He is in a 2.5 gallon heated bowl. No filter (Don't ridicule me haha) I am currently saving up the money for a 5 gallon tank. The past few days he has been bloated. expanded tummy and all. I think he is just constipated & I have been trying to give him a cooked de-shelled pea----which he refused to eat of course . I know constipation in bettas is fairly common. He has just been staying at the top of his bowl ):
I just need some ideas..Please and thank you!
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Try getting frozen Daphina.
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use pure unscented epsom salt 1 tsp per gal and fast him, epsom salt is laxative, using a pea is an argued thing on this site some will use them some won't that is up to you and what you think is best, I would sugeest treating him in a qt tank so you dont have to worry about removing the salt from the main tank just make sure it is fully dissolved you do not want him eating a chunk of it and it should make him poo
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Okay, thanks ya'll I will be sure to try that!
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It worked! Ollivander is doing much better and being more active!!!! :)
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I am having the same issues with my betta, she was bloated from overfeeding (I'm learning) and then I unknowingly over-cleaned her tank and I think it caused her stress. The next day she was doubled over and floating. I tried the fasting, the pea, change in pellets (she won't eat pellets though, only likes flakes).

Finally found this thread and bought her some frozen daphnia. I am very interested in trying the epsom salt treatment, though I am having trouble finding it. Where does one buy epsom salt, assuming it is different than aquarium salt? Are there any special instructions to using epsom salts to treat Swim Bladder? Because her issue is stress-induced, is it a good idea to treat with salts? I've read mixed things about this treatment causing more stress for fish.

Any advice would be great! I'm learning as I go, but I would do anything to save my little girl!
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you can buy epsom salts at a pharmacy, like walgreens, or most stores that have a pharmacy section. what you're looking for is unscented epsom salts, check the back and make sure that salt is the only ingredient. regarding stress, i don't think epsom salts are stressful for fish though i may be wrong. you shouldn't use any kind of salt for more than 2 weeks afaik because they can eventually cause some kidney problems, i'm pretty sure this applies to both AQ and epsom salts. good luck! sbd is not usually fatal anyways, she should be ok, just buoyant. :p
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