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Originally Posted by gandelf View Post
First I would like to say hello. I have lurked for a few days and have decided to join. My two year old red Betta (Red Foremen) passed 2 months ago. I'm not sure why he died? Two weeks ago, I purchased a red and metallic blue Betta (Judas). Their home is a 10 gallon, which is filtered, heated and natural scaped. This week, Judas will be moving into a new 20 gallon long. So, my question is, would anyone know what a Betta's natural territory approximate size be?
very small only for splendens the area maybe big but 1 male takes the size of a puddle only
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Myth: Wild bettas live in tiny mud puddles and thus do not require clean water or space.
Reality: The wild ancestors of today's domesticated Betta splendens yield from rice paddies, swamps, wetlands, and shallow ponds in South East Asia. These bodies of water, though shallow, are quite expansive; rice paddies typically span many acres. Male bettas form sizeable territories during breeding season, sometimes as large as a square meter, and are only found in "puddles" during the dry season - a time of year where many bettas will die due to crowding, poor water quality, and inadequate food supply. It is also noteworthy that these bodies of water, though dark from taninns in fallen leaves, are not unclean - plant life provides a sort of natural filtration, and the replenishing of water during the wet season maintains a healthy, clean aquatic environment. The suggestion that bettas or any fish thrive in filthy water is contradictory to logic.
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Still trying to find the 3 sq feet. o.0 it's hidden. Lol
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3 ft is .91 of a meter (3.2 ft). Someone truncated the number to make it easier for those who aren't familiar with the metric system (aka most Americans)
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