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Betta vs. Filter

So we just bought Frank a new 10 gallon tank and set it up and it is beautiful (we'll have pictures soon - we want him to get used to the tank before stressing him out with pictures as he hates it.)

In the tank we have a top fin 10 filter and an air stone, both of which make a current in the tank. Frank has been in his tank happily exploring for 3 days now and he's given an approval to everything except apparently, the filter. Today he's spent the entire day flaring at his filter. Not constantly, just frequently and it took awhile for us to figure it out. We turned off the filter thinking it was the current that bothered him. As soon as we turned it off he stopped flaring and began swimming less clamped. He's flaring every once in awhile at the background we have of plant life. Because he's still flaring, albeit less, we're not sure if he's flaring at the filter or possibly his reflection.

What we really want to know is if it's filter would we be able to use our old undergravel filter from our 2 gallon tank? And if it's his reflection in the plant life background what would be a better substitute. Note we have to use a background of some sort since he's on a vanity dresser in front of a mirror and he's too aggressive to his reflection.

Thanks in advance for the advice!! :D
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You might want to get a sponge filter instead, I don't know that the 2g UGF would work in there and the sponge filter would be healthier anyways. They sell them at a lot of places (they're usually black), you'd have to get a little more airline and a gang valve to hook it up to the airpump. An airflow valve for it would be good too.
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I would go with a sponge filter for sure. All you need is the filter, airline, check valve, and an airpump for a tank that size...maybe $15 all together. I have a Lee's Dual Action Foam Filter and it keeps the water crystal clear. Here's a link to the one I have, you'll need a larger size:

They can be large, so I put it in the corner and put a ring of fake plants around it so you can't see it.
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