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Old 04-06-2013, 09:19 PM   #1 
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Unhappy Plant Yellowing

So I bought a few plants yesterday and the anubias is starting to yellow. basically, what can I do to make sure it doesnt die until I can get some root tabs or fluorite substrate?

I think I have some organic potting soil around with fertilizer. Would this be an ok temporary fix until I can get those things, and willl the plants still be safe for my bettas later on if I use this method?
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Anubias shouldn't need root tabs, most people tie theirs to rocks or bury the roots and leave the rhizome (the little stem thing that the leaves sprout from) unburied so it will grow new leaves faster.

I'm not entirely sure but usually once the leaf starts to yellow its probably going to die, so it's best to just snip that one off. Anubias are very hardy and I've heard they can grow new leaves even if only the rhizome is left.
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If the whole leave is yellow just snip it. If only a part of the leave is yellowing snip that part only. Anubias doesn't really need a good substrate. You can dose with a little flourish to maybe alleviate the acclamation but other than that set the plant in your tank and leave it alone. The plant needs time to get used to your water.
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