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New to Betta Fish

Thanks for all the tips. I am going to purchase a bigger tank, use tap water and buy the appropriate water treatments and accessories.

I can't bear to watch another one die. Thanks everybody!!!

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Try tap water instead of spring.
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Before you start again purchase small heater as Bettas are tropical and need to be at 78-82 F use tap H2O with a dechlorinator and get a small sponge filter unit like the Azoo Palm filter ..make sure your water temp is between 78-82 before putting your new fish in the tank..ideally your tank should be cycled before you add your new's really not as simple as they lead you to beleive at the LFS. Check out the Sticky at the beginning of tese posts for valuable Betta Care info and good luck with your new fish.
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Perhaps this is a stupid question, but did you use a conditioner for the water? Even spring water has minerals/chemicals that could harm fish. Make sure you always use something to neutralize "things" in the water.
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You may wish to consider a bit larger tank. For approx. 10 or 12 dollars you could purchase a 10 gal. tank only. What ever water you use will need to be changed whenever ammonia readings become dangerous. fish poo and leftover fish food on bottom equals ammonia which is lethal to all fish
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you can use spring water but u still need to add some kind of water treatment
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