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Betta lying on side on top of water

Hello! I have 4 bowls with a male betta fish in each and they are all treated exactly the same. Water is changed about every 1 to 2 weeks which is aged at room temperature with some salt. They are feed betta pellets or freeze dried blood worms once per day with live java moss in their bowls. One of the bettas lays on his side on top of the water and he will try to correct his position but ends back up on his side.
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OK, first things first . . . how much water do the bowls hold? Are the bowls heated? Bettas are tropical fish & should be in water temps of 78-80F. If the bowls are less than 5g, which I would bet they are, then you need MUCH MORE FREQUENT water changes. Do not add salt just to add salt, prolonged use of salt can cause health issues such as kidney damage. The first thing you should do is a water change, probably 100% as I'm guessing the bowls are 1g or less (?), you should use a good water conditioner that removes chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, detoxes ammonia, nitrites & nitrates . . . Prime is most often recommended. Second you need to get them each a heater & an in tank thermometer to monitor the water temp unless the room they are in is always 78-80F. Lastly, it sounds like he may have swim bladder issue, fast him for 2-3 days. When you feed the freeze dried foods, make sure to soak them for 5-10 minutes before feeding. What brand of pellet are you feeding? The most recommended brands are Omega One & New Life Spectrum. All of your Bettas need CLEAN, WARM, CONDITIONED water ASAP. Water changes should be done at least twice a week if you have a 1-3g volume of water & more if the volume of water is less than 1g
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shellieca is absolutly right!
Bettas are not saltwater fish. Salt is used to kill certain paricites on a temporary basis. Change the water and get the salt out!

I don't see where you mention what brand of pellets so yes it also sounds like a swim bladder problem if he is trying to right himself. Get one of the brands of pellets mentioned.

Next, yes bettas need more frequent water changes. What you are doing is not near enough.
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