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Possible Fin Rot...

I noticed late last night my Betta was looking listless. Favoring the bottom of the tank, unless I was near it, then he was front and center begging for food. So tonight I did a large water change. I checked the Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites before and after the change, all were fine.

Well, he's less listless, but I noticed he has an area of receded tail. I did some research on what to do. He's in a planted tank with some Harlequins, a ghost shrimp, a cory and a snail (Golden mystery.. aka apple?).

Everything I found say to isolate him (no big deal) do 100% water changes with salted water. No big deal... except I'm going out of town on Thursday and will not be back until Late Monday. There's no one to watch him/clean him/care for him, I was going to put on the auto feeder. Now I don't know what to do. I'm travelling 500 miles each way, with a kid and a cat... it's not really feasible to take the fish, not to mention it would probably stress him out more.

Suggestions? Not going out of town is not an option. Taking the fish is not an option. Should I start treatment tomorrow anyway, and hope he does ok in the little bowl with one of those little stick on beta food things from Thursday to Monday? or just leave him in his main tank until I can start the treatment Monday? He isn't being chased or picked on in the main tank.. I'd just hate for him to die in there and everyone eat him :(
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Blue Fish
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If there's a chance that he's going to die, definitely QT him.'re right, that would be horrible.

With his tail, are the edges black or crusty looking, or are they just "gone"? He could be tail biting, which is a behavioral issue, and not a disease.

But, the listlessness is worrying...what size tank does he live in, how often do you change water, and is he heated?

If it was me, since you're not sure what's going on with him, I'd use some Jungle Fungus Eliminator (I like it as a catch-all for just about's broad spectrum so it treats a lot of things, and it's gentle, so you don't have to worry so much about dose.), and put him into a 5g container of some sort. Either a spare tank, or even just a Rubbermaid that'll hold 5g's. You need something larger because you won't be able to change the water while you're gone, so he's going to need more water to be able to tolerate the longer period between changes.

Also, makes sure he's got a heater that you trust, and put some plastic wrap over the top of his container to keep the humidity at the surface.

Also, make sure there are some tall plants in there, even if you have to take a shorter plant and tie it to the sides to make sure it stays up near the surface. This is in case he needs to lie near the top of the water, he'll have an easier time doing so if there are some plants to support him up there.

Other than that, he'll either be okay when you come home, or he'll have gone to fishy Heaven. Either way, you'll have done everything you could while having to be away. :)

I hope that helps, and good luck to you!!

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He's in a 10gallon tank. It's not heated, but that's because it's still currently almost 80 degrees in the apartment (thermometer reads about 77 degrees, but I just did a water change so that is probably affecting it - making it lower since I didn't have any room temp water to use this time.. well i did, but it smelled funny so I just used treated tap). I don't even currently own a heater to put in with him, nor can I just run out and buy one, I wasn't expecting to need one for another month or so when the heat goes off.

I do a 25-30% change one week, and a 30-40% the following week (I do a slightly better job on the gravel the second week, so I lose more water). Tank is filtered (it's a bio filter, which I hate, but it's what came with the tank), live plants, real wood, lava rock, real wood and sand bottom.. been established since October.

I do have a large bucket I could use, but I can't put a heater in it. Our floors are heated, so I don't think that's the ideal place to put the bucket either. No extra tanks kicking around (I don't even have a betta

I snapped a few shots. He doesn't photograph well (aka my camera sucks), but he gets nice and active when I come close... you can see that his fins are fraying a bit, and that a few bits are missing and are quite deep. What ever is going on it looks quite mild if I'm honest. I just really love this fish :(

The spots on his lower fins closer to his body are not rot, they've been there his whole life. There does appear to be a few more than usual, I do notice that he gets them with stress, and they go away when he's happy.

I'm not looking forward to trying to catch him.. last time he jumped out on the counter mid catch.
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I've never ever seen him bite his tail. The only thing that ever grabs his tail is the ghost shrimp when he wants a ride across the tank.. but even that I've only seen a few times.. and isn't likely to cause any damage.

And yes his gills look a bit swollen.. but that's because he was flaring at the camera.
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