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What should I do Part 2

My betta Fish is alone in the tank... He only has a little fish bowl but big enough for him with alot of extra room to swim. I didnt think I need a real big tank for him. I feed him the betta pellets twice a day. I think he may have swimbladder because he has not been eating and swimming on his side. I tried to treat him for that. I looked it up online and it said to give him a epsom salt bath and leave him in there for 5-15 minutes or up to a half an hour. I did that and he seemed to be swimming a little better but now he swims with his front sticking up and his back down. While I gave him his salt bath I cleaned his tank really well. I did a complete water change and added some glass not really glass but they look like marbles and a plant for him to hide. Before I put him back into the tank I added a water conditioning fizz tab then let the temputure get just right. I dont use a heater because my room gets really hot so that changes the temp. of his water. The night before I gave him a salt bath I noticed that his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. He does get natural sunlight almost everyday. I dont really know what to do about his eyes and I feel really bad. What should I do?
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I'm just starting to think Bettas are not your thing =/
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Originally Posted by bettaboy
I'm just starting to think Bettas are not your thing =/
Fishkeeping is a learning process, if the keeper is willing to learn and change then yes, it can be his thing. That's not your judgment call to make and discouraging remarks like that are never helpful.

For the OP, I'd suggest going back to the original thread and following the link that okiemavis posted for you, we need information before we can really and truly help you and when you do your testing please us an API freshwater master kit and use that because test strips are useless. Post everything in here and we'll do our best :) I would also suggest going to the Betta Care sticky and reading up on bettas, it's pretty much all the practical knowledge packed into one space.
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It is probably pop eye. Do some research and see if he is having syptoms. Fish can be a confusing thing sometimes. It seems like you have been doing a great job caring for him. The plant to hide will help with everything. As for his eyes and swimming comdition, i would just do some research. I hope this helps at least a little. :)
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