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Originally Posted by MattsBettas View Post
Yup. Hot is fine. Unstable is not.
How do you keep the temp stable when you live in a hot climate? My 5 gal tanks are not heated but yesterday the temp in the tanks got up to 85 deg during the day & dropped to 80 overnight. I know that isn't good but i have no idea how to keep the temp stable unless I keep the heater set at a really high temp. The tanks are not kept in direct sunlight so i don't think it will help to move them either
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Originally Posted by Otterfun View Post
My tank temp is cooler than my room by 1-2F
You have a lid on your tank?
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Originally Posted by Xeek View Post
You have a lid on your tank?
ye but has opening it's Fluval SPEC V, and others are 1.5g IKEA vases with a borrowed glass cover from my 2.5g PetSmart tank, and Kritter Keeper with lid on.
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I have on betta whose tank tends to stays at 84 degrees and he is very active and happy. Not all bettas comfortable this way though. I keep the tank cooler by not having light on the tank the room is brightly lit. I have a glass Versa top I keep the lid propped open slightly with a gang valve. You can crack you tank lid slightly to cool it off. Just crack it- not enough to where a fish can get through. I have used a heater suction cup before to prop it up. I leave it this way all of the time. The drawback is you won't get much condensation.

I have an aquarium stand coming I will probably move my fish once it's here. He seems happy but I would like him to live a long life. If you have room you could also move your fish too.
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