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what kind of fish can i put with a betta

i want to put some fish with a betta but i don't want them to fight
I KNOW that you can't put males with males so dint say it. and i dont want to breed bettas at the moment. I want to try either Mollies or Guppies but im afraid the guppies will pick on the betta. What kind of fish do you recommend?

I have....
29 gallon tank
2 plants
:P :)
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Plecostomus, ghost shrimp...
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It seems no one reads this.
FAQ at the bottom should answer your question.

No fish with long fins, no fish that are fast/nippy, no coldwater, etc. Most community fish work. Cories work great.
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u can also put tetras those are so cute my friend put them together but her sister killed them but mine is like 2 years old
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Is the betta the only fish in the tank at the moment? If so, some corries for the bottom would be nice. They will be great with a betta. Some bettas will be aggressive towards the guppies. If you want to try it, do it with caution. Platies, some tetras, kuhli loaches and other peacefull fish would do well. I wouldn't suggest mollies, since they need slightly brackish conditions, which a betta could never handle.
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