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Fish Buddies?

Red tailed shark, Platties, Pieco, Tropical fish (what kinds?), Chinese algae eaters, Gost shrimp, Zebra Danios, and Plecostomus. which ones make the bast tank buddies? Do they need special care? will they be happy in a 10gal tank with Blue? I'm leaving in half an hour for the LFS.
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The only ones that would be compatible with a betta (isn't that what Blue is??) in a 10 gallon tank would be the platies and maybe zebra danios and some other "tropical fish". Nothing else you listed would work out. Pygmy corries, coral platies, kuhli loaches would all be good choices. African dwarf frogs are also great tank mates for bettas, and very entertaining pets. My frog has learned to recognize me and will come to the glass every time I walk over. Bumblebee gobies may also work, although some people would say they should be kept in brackish. They do fine in freshwater though. They can be somewhat nippy, but I think they would be fine with a betta. They usually stay near the bottom and mind their own business.
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