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Old 04-14-2013, 02:19 PM   #11 
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thank you for all of the responses. my beta fish started acting normally, but now has some white fuzzy stuf on him, and he started to hang out on the bottom of the tank again
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Can you get a picture ? Sounds like he has a fungus and never had to deal with those but I know people here have to I am sure someone will come along to help if not I will find someone who can help with that.
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Please try to provide a photograph of the white fuzz.
Examples of common betta infections.

If it is...
White cottony growth on fin, mouth, tail, or the entire body essentially, and the fish remains still on the bottom of the tank, your fish probably has a fungus. You'll want to treat this immediately. The website I just provided will tell you to use Jungle brand medicine, but don't bother looking, they don't make them anymore. You'll probably be able to find API Fungus Cure at the store you got your betta from. Go there ASAP and get the medication and begin treatment using the instructions from the package.

As the medicine in the package is designed for 10g aquariums, you'll have a few issues distributing the medication properly for a 1.5 gallon tank. Someone like Sakura would recommend you dissolve an entire packet of the medicine into 5 cups of water, and then add 3 quarters of a cup to the tank water to ensure the proper dosage, since trying to measure 1/16 of a teaspoon or less can be quite tricky. Perhaps someone else on this thread will be able to suggest another method of dosing.
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ok, so i went to the pet store and bought mardel for true fungal infections (it's what the guy at the store told me to buy), though i suspect it's a fungal body infection and not a true infection, so i hope it works as well. i also bought a heater, and i did a 1/3 water change because i did not want to take him out. he looks like he's doing really badly.. he fluctuates from laying at awkward angles at the bottom of the tank, to floating lopsided or head-up towards the surface. like, he almost looks dead, but i can see his gills move, and then he darts around for a couple of seconds, gets some surface water, then sinks again. right now he has his head face down in the rocks with his tail up, trying to breathe. i turned the air filter off to maybe help with that. his fungus has spread a lot in the last day, and is fuzzy most of the places on his body. i think he's started to look a little discolored and dull, too. the pet store offered to take him back, but i don't want to give up on him. i just don't know what to do... i changed his water partially, gave him medicine, turned the filter off.. he just looks so sad! if he doesn't die before i can figure out how to upload a picture, i'll post one (but it said you had to do it from a website?..)
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and....... drago died. i got to watch him get worse and worse all day until he finally stopped breathing. his fins look a little gray at the base, and eventually it was like he stopped being able to move. i think he had that new thing i've seen on this forum. i'm sad for my fish.
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I'm sorry for your loss. SIP Drago.

Sometimes, they're already sick when we get them. Sometimes, the stress of being shipped and being in the store stresses them, and they get sick....

It's possible that he had Myco, based on the gray fin. But it could have also been either a fungal infection, as others here have mentioned, or maybe Columnaris (a bacterial disease that causes fuzzy growth).

If you plan on getting another fish, and I hope you will.... I would wash everything carefully, then let it all air dry. If you can dry it outside in sunshine, that would be good. (Sunlight's UV light is good at killing stuff.)

SIP Drago....
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