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uninterested male??

i gave my bettas to a local fish hobbist to breed and has had no success in getting the male to even make a bubble nest. trying to find out why. from what i remember of the setup its a 5 gal tank, heated, 3 sides are covered with some insulated wrap, and 3/4's of the lid is also cover (the wrap blocks out the light/is not transparent), the tank is heated, the male is in a bowl inside the tank which the female can freely swim around, food if i remember consists of daphnia and blackworms and both are eating eagerly. the male is a double tail halfmoon and the female is also a halfmoon, the female was bought from a store who gets their stock from overseas and the male was from petco, the female is noticeably larger then the male (she must have good genes or the water she grew up in was taken care of very well to have grown her so big). my question is what are the possible reasons why he wont build a bubblenest. the time they have been in the same tank is about 2 weeks.
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He needs to switch it around.. the male free swims while the female is in a chimney.. right now the male feels trapped, scared, etc. It's the male that needs to free swim and claim territory as females don't have territories of their own.

How did he condition them?
IE -
What foods did he condition them with.
How did he go about allowing them to see one another while conditioning and for how long was the viewing?
How long did he condition them?

Conditioning they will need their own small tanks, placed side by side with a piece of paper or cardboard to block their view of one another - only allow them to see each other for about 5-10 minutes a day - don't allow them to see other fish during that time. Will take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to properly condition them - make sure the female is bursting with eggs before introduction in the breeding tank.

Tank is heated to what temperature?

Not all males will build a nest prior to breeding.
Since they have been together for that long of a time, they are pretty much uninterested as they are used to seeing each other, etc all the time. Best bet now is to remove them both, place them both in their own tank, don't let them see any fish for at least 3-5 days, possibly a week. No viewing each other at all, nor other bettas. After that time then condition them as mentioned above.. so no seeing another fish (I'd give it 5-7 days minimum), then start conditioning them..

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ALWAYS keep female in smaller container and male in bigger - other wise the female will out grow the male which can make spawning difficult.

Some males don't make nests. Look for other signs - such as flirt swimming.
For now, isolate both in their own tanks as you condition them with lots of foods. After a week or so, try letting them see each other - put their tanks next to each other, don't move them. If they flirt swim, you can breed them.
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