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I made a 60% water change today with the new conditioner after the 100% change I did on Tuesday, and the water has stayed crystal clear! I think that Chief looks so much better! Today is the first time since he's been sick that his main tail fin (whatever it's called) has been this open and flowing. Those two little fins that hang down below his gills are still a little stringy looking, but I think we have progress! What do y'all think?

I've attached a few pictures from today. It was hard to get a good one, since he was swimming around. Also, the light is on in one picture from earlier today to help show his fins (before he noticed his reflection), but I can't leave it on for more than a few seconds because it creates a glare, and Chief will flare up at his reflection until I turn the light off. Any suggestions on how to fix that? I'd like to leave the light on, especially since it helps heat the water. We're having a cold spell here in GA and his water has gone down to 70-72*, and I'm a little worried about him.

I'll be leaving in a few days for a week, and I'll be taking Chief with me. Do you think he'll be ok in my old 1 gallon tank for a week? I can change the water as often as needed.

Also, is it ok to put caps on the water jugs that have his conditioned water in them? Or do I need to leave them open? I have three gallons that sit on the floor between water changes, and I'd like to keep the caps on them so that they don't spill and so my roommate's dog doesn't try to drink out of them.
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Hey i am glad he is doing better. He will be fine in one gall for a week. Just do2-50% and 1-100% water changes. Don't forget water to take with you water conditioner and of course acclimate him. You can take him in his cup that he came from the store. Put him in the box, Put cloth all around his container so the container don't move around in the box,good idea to take water like you did. Make sure you conditioned the water. I would make a hole in the lid though.
Let us know how he doing when you come back:)
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I've actually decided to go ahead and empty his 2.5 gallon tank and just take that with me, since I'll be traveling to and from on "water change days" anyway. Plus, I had a new heater shipped to where I'm going, and I'd like to put it in his tank while we're there, since we're having some cold nights this week.

I'll take him in his cup from the store and make sure he doesn't slide around. And I'll bring a few gallon jugs and his conditioner with us.

However, in a few weeks, I'll be going to Florida for a week and a half, and I don't think I can take him with me. The water is completely different in Florida, and it's a 6 hour drive. Do I need to find someone that can change his water while I'm gone? We always have a neighbor come feed the fish and the cat anyway, but should I ask her to change his water a few times? Maybe just a few 60-70% changes?
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