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My NPT is "exploding"

I'm having an issue with my 55 gallon soil-based tank. It has a sand cap, and once in a while I see bubbles come out of the sand. But in the back corner I'm having a big issue with this. I don't know if it's because I built up the soil higher back there (therefore more soil to create more gas bubbles), but I see huge bubbles come out from back there and the soil keeps coming exposed. I poured a bunch more sand on top of it, but it happened again. It's like it's erupting and the soil comes up with the bubbles and then covers up the sand. It's super squishy back there and some of my myrio comes uprooted and when I try to put it back in, I have to try to pack the soil around it and more bubbles will come up and the soil gets all unsettled and all of these gross pieces of bark and stuff litter the sand in other parts of the tank.
Was my sand not thick enough, maybe? It's hard to put down more sand when the tank is full, though, because it just pushes a lot of the soil out of the way rather than getting packed on top of it.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I do have 3 MTS in there and I see 2 of them every once in a while. I don't know if they're what's causing the bubbles to come up (because I know that's what they do)... idk
Anyone else ever have this "eruption" problem in their soil-based tank?
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That is normal, it is excess gasses trapped in air pockets releasing in the soil. I usually take the palm of my hand and press down on the sand to release most of those air pockets. I do it weekly just because I don't want an air pocket to get big and release ammonia as the soil further breaks down
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that was an annoying issue i had with sand and the reason why i switched to gravel. but to avoid big hiccups of air bubbles poke down into the soil with a stick or some other narrow object weekly, or a different spot every few days.
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