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Critter Keepers

So my male is currently in a divided ten gallon, but I can't fill it all the way up or he runs and hides, too much space, I'm assuming, it's well planted, but whenever I fill it to over 6 gallons, he gets weird and won't come out from behind a pot until the water level goes back down. I'm also hoping to get a second betta, which is why I divided the tank, but the idea of a divider scares me, I keep having visions on fish breaking through in the middle of the night. So I've decided to order a couple of critter keepers off Amazon, the large 3gal ones.

My question is, for people that have used these, are they really 3 gallon? And are they durable, or crack at the slightest bump? How difficult is it to fit in a filter and heater through the lid?
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I don't know much about the Critter Keepers but I can tell you that no betta can get through those dividers. My 10 gallon is also divided, if you ensure that the divider goes straight through the substrate to the ground that will be best. Also if you keep the water at least 2-3 inches below the divider (I keep mine 1/2 an inch because my boys don't care) they can't jump over it. But if it's only filled 6 gallons then that would be plenty fine for them.

Also I've seen some members on here get the plastic canvas stuff from any craft store and they come in different colors. I saw one that was doubled up with white and black, you just sew them together and it makes it stronger and so they can't see each other as much. Hope this helps a bit :)
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The capacity of the critter keepers varies slightly by brand. (The different brands have slightly different dimensions.)

I have Petsmart's brand. Their large size does hold a full three gallons.

I cut the side of the lid slightly to allow the heater cord to fit through. The heater itself fits fine. (I guess this depends on what heater you have though.)

I don't have filters, but I do one 100% and one partial water change per week. I knock them around sometimes while doing the full change, and they haven't cracked.

They do scratch easily, so I use paper towels to clean them. (A soft sponge would work too, but by using paper towels, I won't cross contaminate anything between tanks.)

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I have the cord go through the top trapdoor and it will keep it 1/4" ajar. My fish is not a jumper, so it works for me. I guess I can always put weight on it to keep the door from opening. The lid snaps properly with this setup.
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All of my fish are in medium and large Petsmart brand keepers, and I think they're just awesome :)
Like the above have said, the do scratch easily, but so far, the oldest keeper I have is 3 months old now, and it has not cracked yet! They're easy to clean though, easier to carry than a glass tank when filled with water, and by far, definitely less expensive. The lids on my tanks are slightly ajar in order to support the heater cord, but the space isn't very big, and none of my guys are jumpers.
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I use critter keepers for most of my boys, they're pretty durable. And easily modified on the lids.

+1 to the previous posts

PS. you should check out the Critter Keeper thread Here!
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I haven critter keepers and I haven't had any problem with them. I've had several of them for years.
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